Monday, August 25, 2008

Ward facing 9 years

Describing the case as "simple, yet disturbing," prosecutors are seeking a nine-year prison sentence in the child-pornography case against outspoken former KGO/San Francisco host Bernie Ward.

The sentencing memo submitted to the court says the request stems from the fact that "the defendant knowingly distributed images of child pornography," and "because many of these images depict very young children (three-year-olds) being subjected to abuse of the most serious kind (sadistic and masochistic abuse)." The request for the 108-month sentence is described as being "at the low-end of the applicable guidelines."

The document also says, "No evidence supports the defendant's contention that he engaged in his behavior to further a journalistic investigation," which was the defense Ward and his lawyer presented.

Ward was indicted last December after a long investigation into child pornography posession accusations.


pureprairie said...

So, without Ward, is there a reason to list KGO as a Commercial Radio Station Featuring Left-Leaning Programming? Other than Karel, KGO talkers seem more center-right.

Anonymous said...

You forgot about Ray Taliaferro, who has done his overnight program for the better part of 30 years.

zeek said...

Brian Copeland is pretty solid as well. Christine Craft often subs as well.

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