Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Picking up the pieces

A few tidbits worth mentioning...

Up around the Bend

Ed Schultz fans in Bend, Oregon will have something to celebrate come this weekend, as a pair of stations, KWLZ (Lazer 96.5) and new sign-on KBNW (1340AM) will simulcast a talk format, featuring Schultz, as well as Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and the usual gang of idiots. Phil Hendrie will also air on the station. Nothing so far is known about timeslots and whatnot.

Red Zebra makes programming move

Since purchasing three AM properties from Clear Channel a few months back, Washington, DC's Red Zebra Broadcasting, owned by Redskins owner Dan Snyder, has enacted its first format flip. Luckily, it isn't WWRC. In order to break up an overlap simulcast, the company is flipping WXTR (730AM) to Spanish-language sports, airing the ESPN Deportes feed. For anyone who cares, the flip will occur on September 1. Hey, cut me some slack - news has been slow lately.

Air America at the Convention

Shelly at Air America Media forwards the on-air lineup for next week's Democratic National Convention in Denver:

· "The Thom Hartmann Program" (weekdays 12-3P EDT) and "The Rachel Maddow Show" (weekdays 6-9pm EDT), will both be broadcasting live from Denver, as will Jon Elliott hosting “This is America” from 11P-1A EDT.

· "Convention: Special Team Coverage" airs all four nights of the convention beginning at 8P EDT, featuring Maddow, Hartmann, Green, Bender, Chuck D and Elliott interviewing special guests and discussing the daily happenings on and off the convention floor.

· Air America's Web site editor-in-chief Sam Seder is blogging live from Denver, posting text, audio and video updates throughout the conventions.

Plans for the Republican National Convention September 1-4 in Minneapolis-St. Paul, include AAR's outspoken liberal hosts reporting from the decidedly conservative convention:

· "The Lionel Show" (weekdays 9A-12P EDT), "The Thom Hartmann Program," "The Rachel Maddow Show" and David Bender will be broadcasting live from Minneapolis-St. Paul.

In addition, the network will feature other events, such as "Authors Turning the Page: Ideas on Election 2008," on Monday, August 25 from 3-6 pm MT in the Big Tent near the Convention Center. The three panels, introduced by Air America Radio host Rachel Maddow, will include various authors such as Ted Sorenson, Jonathan Alter, Paul Krugman, Arianna Huffington, John Podesta and others. All three panels will be webcast live on http://www.airamerica.com/, with highlights airing on Air America Radio during Convention week.

Also on Monday, from 1:30-3:00P MT, Thom Hartmann will participate in a live debate with conservative talk radio host Dennis Prager. This event will be webcast at http://www.starzgreenroom.com/.

On Tuesday, August 26 from 12:00-1:30 pm MT, Air America will be headlining "Air America: Insights from the Inside of Progressive Talk Radio," a panel exploring the opportunities for independent media voices. Moderated by Bill Hess, Air America’s senior vice president of programming, participants include Air America on-air hosts David Bender, Richard Greene and Mike Papantonio. The event will also be webcast at http://www.starzgreenroom.com/.

Who's on second?

Finally, this is likely the week when we'll find out who presumptive Democratic nominee for President Barack Obama will choose as his running mate (some say the announcement could come as soon as tomorrow). And the Obama campaign, as many know, will announce it first to their supporters in a rather unique way, by text message or email. If you want to be in the know, you can sign up now on the Obama website or you can text "VP" to #62262 from your mobile phone. Not to be outdone, Obama's rival John McCain will announce his running mate by next week, via Western Union telegraph. (rimshot!)

As for my prediction (and yes, for some reason, people have been asking me who I think it will be), I can safely say it won't be John Edwards. Okay, seriously, I've been saying to others for months that I think he'll enlist a foreign policy wonk with a huge resume, especially considering the current Russia-Georgia situation. And he'll want a guy who can be a real pitbull on the soapbox. Who else but Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE)? Virginia Governor Tom Kaine and Indiana Senator Evan Bayh have also been talked about, but I really think it will be Biden. And that would be a really good choice, IMHO. And no, I highly doubt Hillary Clinton will get the nod.

As for McCain, there ain't a whole lot out there that really seems impressive. Many of the possible choices are a bit of a bore, or have the taint of the Bush Administration on them. Some are saying Mitt Romney, but the guy completely lacks anything resembling substance. Tom Ridge is another, but wingnuts tend to get uptight about the whole abortion thing (both Ridge and Romney are pro-choice). Bobby Jindal? Not a chance. My prediction for months has been either Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty or Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan (current darling of the think tank set). Seeing as the Republicans actually think they have a chance of winning Minnesota (haw haw!), I think they'll go with Pawlenty and bore their way to the November election.

So there you have it: Biden and Pawlenty. Let's see if I actually get this right for once. If all goes well, I'll give you my NFL picks in the coming weeks.


FSL said...

Is this Maddow's last hurrah at Air America Radio?

The NY Times reports Maddow gets her own show on MSNBC starting September 8th (9 pm Eastern, replacing Dan Abrams).

Insights from the Inside of Progressive Talk Radio??? (1) More like the periphery of progressive talk radio. (2) Insights on how to do bad radio, screw up a format and destroy its credibility is AAR's area of expertise.

Sunshine said...

been a while since i posted here.

just wanted to say how much i appreciate your efforts.

thanks for the heads up on Sam Seder.

i hope it's Biden.

good luck and thanks!

JHThree said...

I must admit, I'm pleasantly surprised 1260 am survived the first round of Red Zebra changes. With Stephanie Miller soon gone from 1500 am, I have resigned myself to losing Progressive Talk 1260 as well. (I have long suspected that the people who run the station detest the format and actually try to sabotage it.)

I still suspect 1260 doesn't have long to live. It's demise if/when that happens will only push me to finally subscribe to satellite radio.

Anonymous said...

Is WWRC/1260 AM in DC even airing progressive talk anymore?

Once again, their aiwraves were slient--this time for 24 hours straight, starting about 2:45 p.m. Friday (Aug 29) through about 3 p.m. Saturday (Aug 30), when a Nationals game came on.

A similar thing happened last week, but the dead air was "only" for 12 consecutive hours.

Both times, the drop off started mid-afternoon, near the end of Ed Schultz's show, and crossed into AAR programming.

Mr. Snyder, if you're going to kill progressive talk, just do it, dude--have the balls to come out and tell us. At least 3wt has done that.

In the end, though, the fact that the nation's capitol doesn't have even one consistently running progressive talk station is both sad and pathetic.


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