Friday, April 06, 2007

Seder's last day is Friday the 13th

As fans are wondering what the heck is going on with Sam Seder's morning show on Air America Radio, BlatherWatch is reporting that Seder has indeed been given his walking papers, and will conclude his show next Friday. Seder also confirmed the end of his weekday show. He is likely take a Sunday afternoon gig with the network.

Allegedly, the network already has a replacement lined up, expected to be signed by early next week.

According to BlatherWatch, Mark Green told the staff Thursday that the person hadn't been locked in, but should be by Monday or Tuesday.

"We think," he said brightly to the troubled assemblage, "you'll love the replacement."

It is also reported that COO Scott Elberg has been giving Seder the Office Space Milton treatment as of late, going so far as to slash his budget and salary by 40% in recent months. No word on whether any red staplers are involved.

New owner, Mark Green reportedly told people he wanted "less substance" in the 9-ta-noon time slot. Hence they made a sloppy attempt to offer it Marc Maron, and tried unsuccessfully to obtain Jones Radio's Stephanie Miller.

It sounds as if they want to go in a lighter direction for a replacement, to better compete against the Miller juggernaut. The network's initial offering in the time slot, Unfiltered, never caught on, and Jerry Springer was basically a cheap, available option, since it was really just a Clear Channel show that was brought to Air America to help syndicate.

So, sometime next week, we should know who will take over Seder's slot. Many listeners are speculating that Mark Green himself will take the slot, but I just don't see it happening. Look for an established radio person to take over.

Read more at BlatherWatch.


Jill said...

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. First they try to get Maron to stab his buddy in the back, then they cut Seder's staff and salary by 40%, and now what are they going to do, turn that timeslot into Opie and Anthony?

Green is as big an idiot as ever. I'm so disgusted with AAR now I could spit.

William said...

I think that the morning shows have been problematic for AAR. Mind you, I have no idea if it is Green or Ellberg who is behind the demise of Sam Seder's morning show.

I hope that they do not have a version of Opie and Anthony. (In Chicago, my affiliate carries Bill Press and Stephanie Miller in the morning. Still, I made it a point to try to catch Sam every now and then.) Regardless of what happens, Sam Seder should be proud of what he has done in the last three years at AAR. He stuck with the network through hard times.

gregrocker said...

second that. Sam and even Jeanine were passionate, smart and made me proud to be progressive. They put the lying chickenhawk closet cases in their place without being nasty and with lots of laughs. Will miss you like I miss Al. Damn, I wish Air America would have been for real with its start-up funding.

Anonymous said...

I guess there is a limit to how much even a New York City landlord will pay to get bad shows cleared.
That said, who cares?
Steph turned them down. She owns the daypart for liberal talk. The time slot is covered/
But some of you think libtalk MUST come from AAR. As long as you, AAR will never get its act together.

Sunshine said...

personally i think this'll free Sam up.

AAR has always had high idiot quotient mgmt disguising the corp. on/off switch.

The real innovation was the blog/IM/call in/radio interlink.

Sam did a good job of juggling all of them despite sabotage events the last 3 years.

i'm ready for what comes next. hope you folks are there too.

love ya all!

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