Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sarge gets his own show on Nova M Radio

Listeners to Mike Malloy's nighttime show on Nova M Radio are likely familiar with regular caller Herb 'Sarge' Phelps, a listener from Jackson, Mississippi who often discusses the after-effects of Hurricane Katrina. Now, Sarge has parlayed this into a show of his own.

Sarge made the announcement on Unfiltered News Network:

I was offered a show on Nova M Radio and of course I was thrilled to accept it. The first show will air Sunday at 10 A.M. Eastern, 9 Central. The show name as understand it, will be UnreportedNews.Net and will be recorded until I move to Phoenix then it will be live. I am very excited about it. The show will focus on Katrina and my first guest will be Jim Yancey of the Jackson County Community Services Coalition.

Hope it will be a show everyone will like and we can all enjoy it as much I will enjoy doing it. Thanks everyone for this opportunity and I will try hard to give you something you will be proud of.

Elsewhere in Nova M Land, the upstart network threw itself a little birthday bash in Phoenix this past Sunday, with Mike Malloy, Thom Hartmann, Stephanie Miller and over 1600 listeners and supporters in attendence. You can see some pictures from the event at KPHX's website (coming soon) or at Democratic Underground.

UPDATE 4/20: Yes, there is video! Nova M put up a nine part epic consisting of all the fun and frivolity. Check it out on Nova M's page, or you can find all of it and more at LTR's YouTube group.


Jill said...

And the minute they sign up Sam Seder and Marc Maron, I will give them their $100.

William said...

Jill, I have heard that there was a lot of talk about Maron and Seder at the KPHX party and Nova M is talking to many hosts. So, maybe we might see those two sign on with Nova M.

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