Friday, April 13, 2007

This n' that

As Sam Seder does his last weekday show for Air America Radio today (and I gotta say, he's sounding pretty good), there are a few other things non-Imus happening in the world of progressive talk radio. Here's a whole hodgepodge of some of the other stuff going on:

First, after a two and a half year partnership, Jones MediaAmerica and Air America are parting ways, according to AllAccess. MediaAmerica will no longer represent Air America's ad sales effective May 31. Gary Schonfeld, president of JMA said, "We wish the new ownership of Air America the best of luck, and we will continue to provide AAR quality sales representation until that date." No word on who's decision it was to end the partnership. Air America contracted with JMA to handle their advertising inventory sales in October 2004.

Hey, remember that candidate forum on the Iraq War that was carried on Air America a few days past? Well, they did a straw poll of MoveOn's members and Barack Obama was the big winner on the issue of getting us outta there, with nearly 28% of the almost 43,000 votes cast. John Edwards was the runner-up with almost 25%. Dennis Kucinich and Bill Richardson were third and fourth. But what about Hillary? She wound up in fifth place. Speaking of these people, am I the only one who's noticed how hard the right-wing media is propping up Obama and Hillary as the DNC's candidates? Like they want to scare the racists and misogynists among us that fear either a black man or a woman moving into the White House? As indifferent as I am to either of them (particularly Clinton, but that's another story for another time), I almost hope one of them wins just to piss off the FOX 'News' lemmings. I'd most certainly vote for that (disclosure: I currently have no candidate preference, ask me in a year). Anyways, MoveOn has a few more of these forums coming up later this year, including one on energy and the environment and another one on health care.

Wonkette is reporting that RadioNation host Laura Flanders has a new book just out, called Blue Grit, which examines progressive grassroots movements in America and asks who really owns the Democratic party, "the people in the suites or the people in the streets." You can check it out at Amazon or other booksellers. Also check the right-hand column for other related books.

The devoted listeners of WXXM (92.1 The Mic) in Madison held a premiere party for a new documentary this week, Born Again Free Speech: Victory of The Mic 92.1 FM. The film shows the organizing process, the people who did it and how the campaign to save the station from the chopping block succeeded. If you'd like to obtain a copy of the video, you can contact Luciano Matheron and Barbara Vedder at Brazen Video Productions at (608-249-8428) or via email (remove the "(nospam)" before you send it). Also, Ed Schultz did his show from Madison yesterday. You can hear highlights and interviews here.

And back to Seder, who as of this writing is doing his final weekday show (for now) on Air America. Mark Maron and other old friends will even make appearances. Last night, Seder was on Countdown with Keith Olbermann, commenting on the whole Imus thing. Haven't sifted through to find an exact video link yet but you can prowl around on the Countdown page to find it. As for the four weeks leading up to Lionel's debut in the time slot on May 14, Air America will be featuring guest hosts. Seder on Sunday (working title) will debut within the next few weeks. Keep checking back here or check Seder's blog for more information.


gregrocker said...

For the past week, all of the content which formerly was to the right of your links box is now loading way down the page below the links box, flush left. I wonder if this is happening with other users. It seemed to start about the time Hurricane Sam hit. For several days, I thought the site was malfunctioning until I scrolled down and found the hidden content.

ltr said...

I think I know what you're referring to.

I designed this current template a month and a half ago with Mozilla Firefox in mind. However, I did also utilize Internet Explorer in order to make sure everything showed up well, since many people still use IE. I also used Opera, which gives an excellent rendering of this page. Internet Explorer is a pain in the ass, since it doesn't understand CSS layouts (which I use). I thought I had fixed the problem, but for some reason, it returned (damn, I hate IE). Like most Microsoft products, IE seems to have a mind of its own. This page does show up the way it is intended in both Firefox and Opera.

I'll have to go back in and tweak the layout a bit, and hope IE will render this damn thing correctly. So please bear with me.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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