Thursday, March 05, 2009

The continuing Nova M(ess): Locked out

If upstart radio network On Second Thought, successor to Nova M Radio, is going to continue only weeks after they came into being, they may have to do it without a flagship radio station, or studio space, or something like that.

Phoenix New Times is reporting that KNUV (1190AM) has essentially been shut down, and their office doors have been padlocked. This is apparently due to a failure to pay their rent.

Even KKGN San Francisco PD John Scott claims that On Second Thought is virtually dead.

And apparently, the network's highest profile host, Mike Malloy, announced on-air last night that he will now self-syndicate his show, as he has made arrangements with Westwood One for satellite time, allowing him to reach his radio affiliates and Sirius XM.

According to some reports, the station is basically running on autopilot until they figure out what to do next.

Malloy fans can listen to his show via this streaming mp3 link.

And in a related note, Nova M refugee Randi Rhodes will reportedly return to the air soon, though no specific date has been announced yet.


ctk said...

if you are in the radio business, RUN do not walk, away from the drobneys. and if you have randi rhodes on your network, it's a real bad idea to let her go if you have legal problems. both networks that had legal troubles with her have suffered heavily after she left.

i hope the knuv stream stays up as i understand the signal is down. i'm nowhere near phoenix and my market has no prog talk stations in the state. i think the closest fulltime prog talk station is WCPT.

Lu Cifer, @Lu666Cifer said...
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Lu Cifer, @Lu666Cifer said...

Try the feed from the Dallas station, I've NEVER had a problem with it, and they have a pretty solid line up (Steph, Malloy, Hartmann, I think Bill Press, not sure who else):

T. Hygh said...

You can hear Nancy Skinner on the KTLK-AM stream out of LA.

NYLefty said...

The On Second Thoought/KNUV stream is still available at:

ctk said...

it was good as of the 7th. as of today it did its impersonation of the over-the-air signal and stopped broadcasting. no, the stream isn't dead, but its not playing anything.

is there another station that is not a clear channel station that has stephanie miller live so i can reset my alarm program to play that feed?

James Greenlee said...

"is there another station that is not a clear channel station that has stephanie miller live so i can reset my alarm program to play that feed?"

KTLK from Los Angeles.

Unknown said...

KTLK is a Clear Channel station. Ctk, try KPTK Seattle, WCPT Chicago or KTNF Minneapolis.

ltr said...

KRXA out of Monterey carries her. And it plays in iTunes, Winamp and WMP. Same goes for WCPT.

And the CC stations aren't that bad. Their streams sound pretty good, though they are all browser-based.

But if it's an anti-CC thing, and you want a browser player, try KPTK out of Seattle. They're owned by CBS.

ctk said...

it's an anti-cc thing mainly because cc somehow made it so that you had to have an open browser window to stream instead of just by the stream address itself. i don't know of any program that can open brower windows at a specific time for use as an alarm. that's why the big streaming site repository, the stream center, has a seperate link for each cc station for international listeners. had cc not implemented that change, it wouldn't have made much of a difference to me.

with regards to WCPT, i tried the streaming link from this site before and it didn't work.

i'm going with KPTK. not only does it play in winamp, but because it's a cbs station it's included with aol radio which is included with winamp.

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