Wednesday, September 24, 2008

KLSD fudges the numbers

Clear Channel's controversial decision to ditch liberal talk on San Diego station KLSD has so far proven to be a dismal failure.

But after being a no-show in the ratings books since the flip to sports, a small glimmer of hope had surfaced in recent months, with the fledgeling sports format actually starting to show a small blip in the ratings book. In the two most recent Arbitron rolling trend reports, KLSD improved to a 0.5 and 0.6 share respectively. While not great by any means, and far less than the progressive talk yielded, it was at least some hope.

And then we found out how that might have happened. It started with the firing of morning co-host Dave Palet last week. Turns out corporate was informed that three Arbitron diaries for the San Diego market came from the home of a local media member - a big no-no. The household in question belonged to an on-air personality at KLSD. And then the memos started flying.

From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

The memo, which was sent out Friday, also states the “on-air personality in question has been removed from the on-air shift and will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.” Palet was fired late Friday afternoon.


Bob Bolinger, president and market manager for Clear Channel San Diego, said in the memo to “Valued Clients” that the company “agrees with the Arbitron policy” prohibiting media-affiliated households from filling out diaries.

Bolinger, who is out of town and has not responded to messages seeking comment, said in the memo that Clear Channel “moved swiftly to correct the situation.”

Arbitron announced yesterday it “learned that three Summer 2008 Week 2 San Diego metro diaries were returned from a media-affiliated household.” The company, which did not identify the household, said it would release revised ratings Friday for the past two “Arbitrends” ratings periods covering May-July and June-August.

Arbitron claims that the diaries in question could have significantly affected the outcome in the ratings book. They should announce by Friday how the 'Arbitrend' reports will be revised.


NYLefty said...

How could THREE Arbitron diaries wind up in the same household?

This smells.

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