Friday, January 11, 2008

Jacksonville gets progressive

From Carolyn Kay at Make Them Accountable, via Stephen Crockett at Democratic Talk Radio, it appears that Jacksonville, FL will be getting its very own progressive talk station.

Andy Johnson, former member of the Florida House and current host of his own afternoon talk show, has taken over WZNZ (1460AM), and will turn it into the only progressive talk station in North Florida come Monday, January 14.

So far the only schedule announcements are the addition of Ed Schultz live from noon-3P and Johnson's own show from 3-6P. Look for a heavy emphasis on local talk programming. No word on the addition of other syndicated programming, i.e. Air America, etc.



Communications guru said...

Good for Jville. I lived there for five years, Navy of course, and it's great to see them get some truth.

Caro said...

Thanks for the acknowledgement!

Carolyn Kay

AlanF said...

Looks like it's up:

You can see the schedule there.

gregrocker said...

The College Republicans have a task force that targets ownership of any libtalk station in crucial markets like this one. They worked hard to close down the 3 progressive stations in Ohio after Howard Dean credited them with swinging the 06 election there. They can not tolerate in N. Florida the same single kind of truth-to-power radio voice that blows away a dozen of their dirty-tricks disinformation stations in a single market. So look for them to go into overdrive targeting this station, using their tasked tricksters like Brian Baloney of Radio Equalizer and others who will obsess full time until they achieve what they did in Ohio - the shutdown of all 3 progressive talk stations within a month after Karl Rove called Clear Channel.

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