Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Talk USA update/correction

While I was away for the past week, I have gotten quite a few emails from readers. One that I particularly want to publish is from Tom Athans, formerly of Democracy Radio, Air America and his latest endeavor, Talk USA Radio. In a previous entry, Talk USA was described as a 'network'. That is not the case, and LTR regrets the misunderstanding, and would also like to thank Tom for checking in.

Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006
From: "Tom Athans"
Subject: Thank You
To: ltradiomail@yahoo.com

Just a short note to thank you for the recent mention in your blog regarding the launch of Talk USA. I should be announcing some new developments in the next few weeks that might interest you.

There were a few points that weren't quite accurate in your article. First, Talk USA is not a "liberal network." It is a "programming company" that develops and launches talk radio programming into national syndication. As I have been one of the principle founders of progressive talk radio, I believe in its commercial viability. Which means Talk USA will definitely produce progressive talk programs, but not exclusively. Other programs will be developed (with the obvious exception of conservative talk).


You're doing a great job with the blog.


Tom Athans
Talk USA

And from today's All Access:

Envision Radio Networks has partnered with Talk USA Radio to syndicate newly developed talk radio programming.

"Talk USA Radio will provide a new generation of entertaining talk show hosts for radio stations to offer their listeners," says ERN Pres./CEO Danno Wolkoff. "We look forward to working with [Tom] Athans, who has a proven track record of identifying great talk talent."

Added Athans, "Our mission is simple, to create great talk radio. With the market being overwhelmingly saturated with the same style of general talkers, we hope to develop shows that offer entertaining and compelling alternatives to what is currently available to listeners. Danno and his team know what it takes to make radio programs succeed. So there’s no question that Envision will be a great strategic partner to Talk USA."

Athans, most recently with Air America Radio, founded liberal talk programming developer Democracy Radio and is the husband of Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI).


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