Monday, April 27, 2009

The Randi rebound

(5/11/09) For and updated list of Rhodes' affiliates, click here.

Randi Rhodes will be back on the airwaves come May 11, two weeks from now, via Premiere Radio Networks. Her show will originate from the Washington, DC area, rather than her longtime home in West Palm Beach. And three Clear Channel-owned stations have announced plans to bring her back as well, including KTLK Los Angeles (live), KKGN San Francisco (4-7P PT) and KPOJ Portland (3-6P PT).

So, where else will she wind up?

You can add to that list, so far, CBS' KPTK Seattle (6-9P PT), and Clear Channel's KABQ Albuquerque (4-7P MT) and WXXM Madison (time TBA).

UPDATE: Via Casey Buck, Rhodes will be on XM165 live, replacing Glenn Beck.

And now we get into speculation. More possibilities include other Clear Channel-owned progressive talkers like KKZN Denver, KPTQ Spokane, WDTW Detroit and WPEK Asheville. Clear Channel has a habit of pushing product from their Premiere subsidiary onto its individual stations. In addition, Rhodes could even turn up on a few of their conservotalkers. There is still no word on her longtime radio home, WNJO West Palm Beach, which appears to be content with Sean Hannity in her old slot. They could, however, opt to carry her either live or delayed.

Some stations are currently carrying Rhodes' Nova M replacement, Nancy Skinner (though she now does it independently). Those include KXLJ Juneau, WWKB Buffalo and KTNF Minneapolis.
KGOE Eureka currently has two holes to fill in its daily lineup. That could be a possibility.

Rhodes does stand a chance of improving on her Nova M affiliate base. Being with a strong network such as Premiere would be very reassuring for potential affiliates, as there is far less danger of her (or her network) going AWOL this time around.

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chrisready said...

Thank you very much for the update. Could you make new posts instead? I follow you in my RSS reader.

Thanks, and keep up the great work!

Casey Buck said...

XM 165 will carry Randi live starting on the 11th, replacing a Glenn Beck replay (yay!) said...

Will Randi be carried by XM and/or Sirius?

Lu Cifer, said...

Com'on Sirius, get with it! Sweet Zombie Jesus on a pogo stick does Sirius Left need some serious retooling!

Aaron said...

@Lu Cifer:

Dude, just switch to XM! Hell will freeze over before Randi or any Premiere talent are on Sirius, sorry to say. The sorry state of Sirius Left was the final straw in my decision to bail on Sirius.

ctk said...

yeah, what about those sirius subs who cannot realistically switch (ie. lifetime subscribers)? like those people are going to call customer services, complain that they are lifetime subscribers and aren't getting what they want and in protest are cancelling their subscriptions. that truely makes no sense. while i do agree with you that sirius left needs to improve. they can start with dumping bennett and samuels and thompson and give us 3 hours live of miller, hartmann and whomever to fill that last 3 hour block.

Lu Cifer, said...

Thank you CTK, you summed up most everything I was going to say! In addition to which, it's absurd that Sirius & XM both have only 1 liberal talk channel each, but tons of KKKon garbage out the yinyang.

Lu Cifer, said...

I've heard rumblings that WIOD Miami might pick Randi up, which would be nice since A) It would be 3 hours LESS of Nazi KKKon crap radio puked out by that station, B) its coverage area I believe is better than WINZ's! If Crud Channel had a cents they'd dump all the wingtard garbage off IOD and give South Florida, one of the most liberal places in the country, some radio that's more reflective of its populous.

Sandi said...

I am extra excited to see that XM is finally putting a liberal talker on one of its other (many) talk channels.

Thanks for keeping us up to date!

Lu Cifer, said... is the email for WJNO West Palm's PD. Please email him & ask JNO to put Randi back on!!!

Newsboy said...

Any word on what, if any other stations will be carrying Nancy Skinner. I'm surprised to find that I actually kind of like her.

Lu Cifer, said...

Add Dallas 1360 AM KMNY!
click the first icon on the rotating list with the rational radio logo.

Steve said...

I've gained a lot of respect for Nancy Skinner too; I hope she does well.

She announced on her show today that she'd just received an email from WWKB Buffalo, and they too will be carrying Randi live beginning May 11.

ctk said...

nancy skinner is a perfectly capable talk show host.

her problem is that she is not a LIBERAL talk show host. she comes across more as a centrist/center left and that doesn't help much on progressive talk.

also talking up fox news every chance you get doesn't help much either.

Steve said...

I think a lot of the negativity directed Nancy Skinner's way has more to do with the fact that she appeared in Randi's slot. We didn't ask for that. She didn't ask for that either. But she found her feet, and I don't mind her show at all. Well, not very much. Is that damning with faint praise? She has her flaws, just as Randi has hers, just as you and I. We're all human.

My first reaction to Nancy was "she's very nice, but she's not a national talent." I've since gained much respect and hope she does find her niche. (Not in Randi's hours, but there should be room for both.)

Peter Werbe came in for the same kind of drubbing when Air America brought him in as a temporary replacement for Malloy. He didn't deserve that--they're old friends, Malloy respects him greatly, and has said that if anything Werbe is to the left of him. Werbe was more than capable, deserves to be heard... Mike Malloy is the Prince of Darkness, while Werbe is a very nuts-&-bolts, this-is-how-we-get-there-from-here kind of guy. Nancy Skinner is equally pragmatic.

Many times, though, I've wished Harrison had gotten the call instead of Nancy Skinner. He's subbed for Malloy, also for Stephanie Miller when her dog Chester died, and he's subbed for Randi as well. Nobody ever calls him back, and that's a damned shame. He truly is a national talent, or would be if he could ever get the gig.

All that said, Randi is the goddess, and I count the days. :)

Lu Cifer, said...

2 more stations for Randi, starting, oh man, TOMORROW! Hot damn!
Buffalo / Rochester, NY WWKB-AM 1520 (3pm-6pm)
Ithaca / Syracuse, NY WNYY-AM 1470 (3pm-6pm)

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