Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Air America establishes affiliate sales division

Nothing profound or earth-shattering from yours truly today, just the latest press release from Air America Media. The new "Affiliate Sales Division" will be charged with enlisting new affiliate stations.

NEW YORK -- Air America Media has named radio veteran Stuart Greenblatt vice president of the company’s new affiliate sales division. In this role, Greenblatt will place Air America’s programming on radio stations across America.

"Stuart has a great track record to head up our affiliate sales division," said Bennett Zier, Air America’s chief executive officer. "His creative and strategic style is a perfect fit as we look to grow our current shows, and create and launch new programming.

"I’m looking forward to joining Air America’s talented team, bringing Montel Williams, Ron Reagan, Rachel Maddow and all of Air America’s talent to listeners across the country," said Greenblatt.

Most recently Greenblatt served as vice president, affiliate sales for Westwood One Radio. In this role, he headed the talk radio division, launching "The Dennis Miller Show," leading its growth to more than 200 affiliate stations. He also oversaw the launch of "The Fred Thompson Show," while maintaining and growing "Radio Factor with Bill O’Reilly." Prior, he held a variety of roles in the radio industry, including program director for Millennium Radio, as well as director of affiliate sales for Westwood One Radio.

Greenblatt is a graduate of the University of Maryland, holding a B.A. in Radio/TV/Film.


Jill said...

What the heck are they going to syndicate, Ron Kuby? Why don't they take up YOUR suggestion and put Sam and Marc back on in drive-time?

Anonymous said...

Sam and Marc should be 12-3. Why is there such antiKubyness among all you guys? Kuby's GREAT

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