Thursday, May 29, 2008

Progressive talk goes full-time in Dallas

Nancy Cunningham of the Dallas Air America grassroots group dropped an email claiming that progressive talk programming has found a new full-time home in the Metroplex, via KMNY (1360AM).

The station, which airs a business news/talk format during the day, currently leases out time to a group called Rational Radio in the evening hours, where they air several local shows and Mike Malloy's syndicated radio show.

The business format will move to another frequency on July 1, the same day that Rational Radio starts around-the-clock programming on KMNY.

The schedule has not been finalized, but it looks like some of the additional hosts that will be on the station will include Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann and Randi Rhodes.

KMNY has a strong daytime signal (50,000 watts) that covers a large area. The station powers down to 890 watts after sunset.

This will mark a return of liberal talk to the Dallas-Ft. Worth airwaves. KXEB dropped the format in September 2006, when the station was sold to a religious broadcaster.


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