Friday, May 30, 2008

Bender returns, replaces "Seder on Sunday"

According to a network press release, David Bender’s Politically Direct will return to Air America Radio, beginning Sunday, June 8. The show will broadcast on Sundays 4-7P ET, and will replace Sam Seder's departing Seder on Sunday.

The program previously aired weeknights on the network from 2005-2007 in a one hour format. Bender left the network during a large-scale scheduling shakeup and planned to write a book. He continued to appear on various Air America shows as both a contributor and fill-in host. The new version of Politically Direct will be a weekly three hour affair.

From the press release:

Continuing the tradition started by Seder on Sundays, Politically Direct with David Bender will offer callers the opportunity to react live and immediately to the Sunday network news programs, as well as to other late-breaking news and political events. Bender will also provide updates from the blogosphere, as well as other new media sources such as

David Bender has been the senior political correspondent at Air America , and recently has been appearing daily as the "Political Guru" on The Rachel Maddow Show, as well as regularly with Mike Papantonio and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr." on Ring of Fire.

"In this important political year, we’re thrilled to be bringing back David Bender’s Politically Direct," said Mark Green, President of Air America Radio. “The program will once again provide Sunday listeners with commentary on the networks and the netroots and with David’s unique combination of savvy and humor."

Added Bender: "I'm tremendously excited that we're going to combine the two things I love the most about talk radio, long-form interviews with guests who shouldn't be reduced to sound bites and caller-driven segments from quick, funny listeners. Only on Air America , folks!"

No word thus far on his soon-to-be predecessor Seder's future plans at the network. Seder, who's on-air contract lapsed a few weeks ago, is still the chief editor of Air America's website, and also hosts online-only shows via his website. His last Sunday show will be this weekend, with the first two hours being prerecorded and final hour live.


Jill said...


Another boneheaded move by the assholes at Air America...and another reason to cancel premium. The minute they hire Roseanne or some other dimwit for the 3-6 slot and once again tell their core audience to go Cheney themselves, I'm out of there.

jenn said...

Jill, I'm with you...sigh.

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