Monday, May 12, 2008

Bill O'Reilly: Goons gone wild!

We all know Bill O'Reilly has anger issues. We all know he has a hot temper, as he's lost is during debates with the likes of Jeremy Glick and Al Franken.

And we also know that he's the first shouting head on television to point the finger at 'those evil leftists' who lose their shit on TV, as we saw last February when he went after Jane Fonda. In tribute to those he derided as foul-mouthed Hollywood liberals, he ranted, "If someone does that on my program? Believe me, they'd get scolded." He added, "They’d never dare do it here. You know why? Because they’d be called on it. And they’d be humiliated in front of millions of people."

O'Reilly himself has been liberal in one way - he's been extremely liberal at bearing his own false witness toward people he thought were too profane, i.e. Ludacris. The rapper responded via song, where he told O'Reilly to "blow it out ya ass." O'Reilly himself kept the raunchy talk where it belonged - by sexually harassing one of his employees, erotically stimulating her with talk about vibrators, threesomes and Middle Eastern delicacies.

But we all know O'Reilly's full of shit. Of course he's a hypocrite. And now, it's time for him to "be called on it." Over the weekend, the latest viral video du jour was one dug up from someone's archives. It was from O'Reilly's pre-FOX News days, on Inside Edition, which he hosted, anchorman hair helmet and all, from 1989-1995. Now, this was off-camera, as he was taping a lead-out for the show (though he evidently does not know what a 'lead-out' is, as seen in the clip. Either the teleprompter started acting up, or he just completely lost it. What followed was a vicious tirade directed at an on-set assistant. This one, on par with classic meltdowns from Casey Kasem and ESPN's Chris Berman, has it all - screaming, swearing, hand gestures, insults and even him angrily getting up from his desk not once, but twice. He was so flustered that he was blowing his lines and finally just erupted toward the poor saps who's thankless and difficult job is to make him look like less of a buffoon on camera.

The video was pulled from YouTube when Inside Edition's distributor, CBS, cried copyright infringement. Luckily, nothing completely disappears on the web these days, and various other sites have posted it. So there it is, Bill O'Reilly doing what Bill O'Reilly does best - totally lose his shit.

(Edit: I removed the video link here, because even Daily Motion yanked it! Grrr...)

You can also see it in the original German here.

And Gawker has a video montage of the on-air meltdown hall of fame. Enjoy it. Mothers!


Lu Cifer said...

I laughed my yambag off when I heard Howard Stern play that audio this morning! Ya know, I have NO problem (OBVIOUSLY, if you've seen me blog SHAMELESS PLUG SORRY!) with "foul language", HOWEVER, these hypocrites on the "right" and their "FAMILY VALUES" horseshit, it just boggles my mind, HOW IN THE HELL DO THEY STILL HAVE SUPPORT AT ALL?!?!?!?!

Craig C Clarke said...

It's very obvious that the problem was that he didn't understand what was meant by "Sting will take us out."
It was too "hip," too "new school" for the old school Bill. He didn't understand what it meant, and in Bill's mind, if he doesn't understand it, it doesn't exist. Hence the "there are no words on my screen."

If he doesn't understand it, it doesn't exist. Too threatening for the small man to acknowledge the existence of.

And that fear and inadequacy is what causes his explosive eruptions. Don't understand it? It doesn't exist, it's wrong, it's something to become outraged at.

And finally the "old-school" bill replaces those scary modern words with ones he's familiar with "a track from his latest album.

Could be worse, coulda said "phonograph record."

(For those unaware, "album" referred to a collection of 78s. 78s couldn't hold much per side, so a collection of songs from an artist would be issued in a set of several discs. The discs were packaged in a binder with sleeves that resembled a photograph album, hence, "album." When LPs came out, the name stuck but when this was recorded, many years into the CD era, it was a good 50 years out of date.)
"Track" is also outmoded, a left over from edison's phonograph, but we still use it.

Craig C Clarke said...

er, I mean play us out.

ltr said...

er, I mean play us out.

What? You don't know what that means, 'to play us out?' Do it live. Fuck it! ... Fucking thing sucks!

Sorry, just noticed the amusing irony of the comment.

And I've heard rumors about people long ago listening to music on big black plastic circles. That right? ;)

Jim said...

And I've heard rumors about people long ago listening to music on big black plastic circles. That right?

Well, I used to listen to hardworking white plastic circles.

raccoonradio said...

It was almost as funny as Olby's rant against Bush (didn't hear live but it was played on Ingraham and Hendrie's
shows). Hilarious! ...What, it wasn't supposed to be funny? :)
There was a pretty good remix of
the BOR bit posted recently.
We'll DO IT LIVE!!!!

Laura I. suspected Olby was upset because he didn't get the gig of replacing Conan. She suggested a spa treatment for him to mellow out.

raccoonradio said...

dance remix

ltr said...

Congrats, Raccoon. You're the first person I've ever met who actually listens to Laura Whatshername.

Was the Conan O'Brien reference supposed to be a joke or something? Is that humor, or despair? You people will laugh at anything.

If it's any consolation, Ryan Seacrest played the Olbermann commentary on his L.A. morning show, FWIW. He apparently liked it. Seacrest annoys the hell out of me, but he was hilarious in "Knocked Up."

Oh, and thanks for that remix link. I found it on the guy's MySpace page a few days ago, but forgot to add it. I was also going to add the video link from Gawker, which showed a whole collage of talking head gaffes. I'll find it again, in case there's anyone who hasn't seen it.

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