Thursday, June 21, 2007

Malloy gets an 'amen' in Augusta, and other little tidbits

Following a quick surgery (not life threatening, but rather uncomfortable) and other little things, I've finally got some time to get down to business, as I currently have the freedom of a few days of rest, and have realized that I am most comfortable sitting up. Particularly at my computer desk. And since watching TV can get very, very boring (that took roughly a half hour or so), it's time to play catch-up.

First up, Nova M Radio's Mike Malloy has a new affiliate. This one is a bit different, though. It's not the typical Air America Radio outlet that's merely clearing a few hours in the evening. This one is even a bit closer to Malloy's Atlanta stomping grounds. WAAW (94.7FM) in Augusta, GA will carry Malloy's show weeknights at 10PM. What makes the whole deal unique is that WAAW is not a talk station. Rather, they air a gospel music format. And they were once owned by James Brown, and for a time aired classic R&B music. Is the addition of Malloy a signal of things to come at WAAW? Who knows? Radio can be a strange business. Hallelujah!

Malloy's syndicator, Nova M Radio, has been calling itself a network since its inception last year, though the only show airing outside of homebase station KPHX has been Malloy's. That changes, as "Pulse Of The Nation" with John Zogby and John Farias finds its own affiliate, WIBX (950AM) in Utica, NY. Utica-area listeners can hear the show Saturday mornings at 9AM. And no, WIBX is not a candidate for a liberal talk flip. They are the local Limbaugh affiliate.

In other Nova M news, Will in Chicago reports that Herb "Sarge" Phelps' weekend show has a new name, "The Unreported News Radio Show." The new time for the show will be 11AM ET on Sunday mornings (adjust for other time zones, particularly in the Phoenix area, which confuses everyone by not observing Daylight Savings Time).

And Will also reports a new show coming to KPHX. 'King' Daevid Mackenzie is part of the Unreported News gang, and he gets his own weekly gig, which will air on Sunday mornings at 10AM ET. He'll also be in the studio for Sarge's show. Mackenzie has bounced around the radio industry for years. He most recently hosted a history-oriented show, "Echoes of a Century," on a Wisconsin Public Radio affiliate in La Crosse, WI.


Emacee said...

Every little bit helps. I'm surprised Malloy has not been picking up more stations, especially up against the recycled hosts of "The Air Americans."

Things have been quiet.

No news from Lesli Marshall and Tom Athans.
No word on the "six or seven" new Air America "affiliates," including A.C.

ltr said...

From Aldous Tyler at NonStopRadio:

Hey all,

I just spoke with Mark Green (CEO of Air America) yesterday, and he
confirmed that Jon Elliot wasn't speaking out of school when he said
that they were bringing on a number of new affiliates shortly. Mind
you, until the ink is dry on the deals, Mr. Green could not tell exactly where or who the deals were with, but he said to pass on this message:

"Thank you all very much for your enthusiasm and support- it has made a difference in getting these things arranged."

And to answer a recent comment of yours, the trades usually don't publish rumors unless they actually look like a sure thing or are close to happening. We'll see what happens.

Emacee said...

Lt: Thanks for the update, and for the link to NonStopRadio. Interesting site.

At the risk of being called "negative," it sounds like no deals have been made, and (to paraphrase Yogi Berra) it's not a done deal until it's a done deal.

If any of these do go through, let's hope they are stations like KPOJ, KLSD, KQKE, KPTK, WINZ or even The Mic that actually have a snowball's chance, not more weak sticks.

hashfanatic said...

Why is Green wasting time with new affiliates? If anyone turns on Lionel and hears another "brilliant" segment about how gay people, and how they can be "re-trained", or more coffee talk with Bill Donahue, who will, in their right minds, believe they have a new progressive radio outlet to listen to?

On the up side...glad to hear Sarge seems to be doing okay at AAR. I like him.

will in chicago said...

Hashfanatic, Sarge is on Nova M Radio. In addition to his show, he is also working with his producer Sean Ryan in efforts to help the homeless in Phoenix -- summer is a very rough time of year there.

Also, I think that we will see more progressive talk affiliates, many of which will carry some AAR shows. However, many progressive talk stations now carry shows from Jones Radio, Nova M, other syndicators, and some local shows. So, progressive talk will be around regsrdless of the fortunes of AAR. My hope is that any new stations will have committed management, as several of the progressive talk stations that vanished had rather indifferent management.

hashfanatic said...

Sorry, I meant Nova M!

will in chicago said...

No problem, hashfanatic.

I have set up a blog for the show and there is a subforum on the message boards at the Unfiltered News Network,

will in chicago said...

I should have said a subforum for the Unreported News Radio Show under the Nova M Radio on the message boards at the Unfiltered News Network.

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