Monday, June 25, 2007

That's two, so far

Okay, so you all though it was bunk. I'll admit I was somewhat skeptical. But it looks like Air America Radio has picked up a couple affiliates.

The Atlantic City rumor seems to be reality, as WTAA (1490AM) has indeed flipped to liberal talk over the weekend. They're carrying Air America programming, but I have absolutely no clue as to what else, if anything, they're airing. Nonetheless, on your way to throw down the mortgage money on the craps table at one of the many casinos the town is noted for, you can listen to Air America on 1490AM.

Another new affiliate is an old affiliate. KSAC (1240AM) in Sacramento has picked up Randi Rhodes starting today, in addition to a few of the network's weekend shows. Rhodes will air live, replacing Dave Ramsey's financial advice show, and will shave an hour off local host Christine Craft's afternoon show, which will now air from 3-6PM. Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz, Mike Malloy, Joey Reynolds and Doug Stephan round out the rest of the weekday schedule.

You may recall that KSAC and Air America had a rather ugly divorce in late 2005, which saw Air America move their programming to rival KCTC. KSAC owner Paula Nelson was very bitter about the whole experience, but kept the progressive talk format, albeit with non-Air America shows. KCTC dropped progressive talk for sports a few months ago, and it now appears everything has come full-circle.


Anonymous said...

"Ugly divorce" is putting it mildly. AAR screwed Talk City 1240 by jumping to Entercom's KCTC. Sort of like what Jones did to WTDY in Madison.

AAR has shown itself willing to put aside the principles associated with liberalism for convenience. They screwed the people who signed up for Sirius to hear AAR (at the time only Sirius was taking the complete AAR feed) by making an exclusive deal with XM. For what? AAR apologists say it was for access to XM studios in Washington, which would be really lame - even if AAR had used them much.

But AAR was being operated at the time by the guy from Real Networks. You know the people who put spyware, adware, tracking cookies and other crap you don't want on your computer.

Rhodes is a much better fit for KSAC's schedule than Dave Ramsey, ironically a guy who tells people to avoid going into debt and spending money they don't have. Too bad Ramsey is not carried in New York where the AAR suits could listen. There really isn't any other lib-talk show available for them to carry live. Their only other option would be Hartmann on delay (and that still puts them back in bed with AAR).

will in chicago said...

It is good that AAR is adding more affiliates. I am somewhat surprised that KSAC is only airing one AAR show during the week. Mind you, it does seem that the station is putting a lot of emphasis on local talent.

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