Saturday, June 09, 2007

KTLK's Walker buys Sheehan's Crawford, TX land

Bree Walker is slated to be George W. Bush's new neighbor.

The Brad Blog is reporting that the progressive talk radio host will be purchasing "Camp Casey," Cindy Sheehan's five acre property near the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Walker, currently a resident of San Diego, was previously a television news anchor in Los Angles and New York. She confirmed to Brad Blog that she intends to keep the property "as a ground for freedom and peace" and is considering erecting a memorial there for troops killed in Iraq. She hopes to create a meditation garden on the grounds and to keep it open to the public.

"I'm cashing out my capitalist corporate stocks and buying into a legacy of peace," she said. Sheehan will be selling the property for the same price she purchased it for so as not to be seen as profiting from the sale, Walker explained.

Walker is currently a weekend host at KTLK in Los Angeles, where she has a show on Saturdays from 2-4PM PT. She was formerly married to NBC and HBO sportscaster Jim Lampley, whom she currently runs a production company with. Lampley has also dabbled in progressive talk radio, occasionally filling in for Ed Schultz on his radio show.

Sheehan will make an appearance in studio with Walker for the entirety of today's broadcast where, Walker says, she'll "give Cindy the check (reportedly around $87,000), and Cindy will give me the deed to the property." Walker will also be soliciting input on what listeners think should be done with the land.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Sheehan announced that she would be stepping away from her leadership role in the Peace Movement and planned to sell the Crawford property, which had been a gathering ground for peace activists. She had intended to sell the property on Ebay, but shortly afterwards "Moving America Forward," a group of rather obnoxious Bush supporters led by shrill San Francisco radio host Melanie Morgan, announced their intentions to try and purchase the land. Most likely to build their own shrine to President Bush. Or a shrine to Morgan's ego.

Nonetheless, congratulations to all involved.

Read more at Brad Blog.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry, but this is just a too-obvious stunt, a grab for publicity on the part of a faded news Barbie who wants to get back in front of the TelePrompTer.
To call a news reader like her a journalist is like calling a disk jockey a musician.
Maybe somebody needs to change the roll on Bree's TelePompTer. Cindy is last year's news.

ltr said...

Do you ever have anything positive to add? This whole negativity trip of yours is getting pretty tiring. And it's in every single damn post I put up. It's all bitch, bitch, bitch.

Quit yer bellyachin' and go listen to a Norman Vincent Peale tape or something. Your shit is really bringing me down.

If you want to play party killer, do it on your own blog.

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