Tuesday, August 22, 2006

WDOD/Chattanooga drops liberal talk

No surprise, but WDOD (1310AM) has allegedly its liberal talk format, which consisted of Bill Press, Stephanie Miller and assorted Air America programming.

Of course, this station is so high profile that there is no announcement on the trade sites (Radio and Records, All Access, etc.). Therefore, I doubt anyone outside the Chattanooga area even knows what WDOD's new format is.

WDOD is probably best known here for the rather angry and humorous reaction they got from some area residents when they picked up the format:


And, of course, there's this. Perhaps one of the most disgusting things I've ever read on the internet. At first, I thought this blog was a parody, but I'm convinced it's not. Even more appalling is that a woman (allegedly) runs this site. Talk about your 'compassionate conservatives'.

Air America ain't gonna help these losers.

Look for naysayers and internet crybabies like the still-unemployed failed radio talker Brian Baloney and the other loser who runs this lame-ass site to start doing backflips because some station in Market #106 dropped Air America. Can these two morons even find Chattanooga on a map?

So, bye-bye WDOD. Funny, without even a website, P.R. or even something resembling a local presence, I don't even know if they ever carried the format. No wonder why their ratings sucked.

More here.

UPDATE 8/23: WDOD now has a format, as they revert back to adult standards. As to the reason for the talk format's failure, the station's program director claimed a lack of adequate advertiser support. The full article about the change to the new "Ruby 1310" can be found here.


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