Thursday, August 17, 2006

Air America fan hopes to launch liberal talk station in Central Wisconsin

Local radio listeners who long to hear to Air America could be in luck if the community can collaborate to raise and invest enough money to purchase a radio station to host the liberal and progressive talk network.

A new Web site has been established by Joe Roppe, who has been working on finding ways to bring Air America to central Wisconsin, in conjunction with Nova M Radio, a company that has been created to purchase, own and operate radio stations in small- and medium-sized markets.

The Web site acts as a virtual billboard where individuals, companies or organizations can buy 10-by-10 blocks of pixels, put an image in them and link to a Web site or blog.

The online billboard concept that has been set up for Stevens Point is based on a successful fund drive that was done after Air America Phoenix was taken off the air after the station was bought by a different company.

more here

Here's the site:

NOTE: This is just one of several grassroots efforts to bring the liberal/progressive talk format to their markets. A reader just sent me a link to an effort underway in Atlanta, GA.

I have added a new section devoted to grassroots drives to bring the format to their town. You can find that on the right-hand column under "Affiliates". If you know of other ones that I missed, let me know.

BTW: I updated the station listings. I just found out that KXIC (800AM) in Iowa City recently dropped Rush Limbaugh and is currently airing Randi Rhodes and Thom Hartmann (there was a petition drive here). Baby steps, but congratulations!


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