Friday, August 18, 2006

MLM Liberal:The state of progressive talk radio

Just wanted to share this link with you. It comes from MLM Liberal's blog, and it has a pretty good analysis on liberal/progressive talk station ratings and the format's overall popularity. Also has some good ratings information (which I have not had the time to fully compile).

Definitely worth checking out. Here's the link.


* Stephanie Miller affiliates are doing well. WTPG (Progressive Talk 1230) in Columbus, OH struggled with many unsuccessful formats over the years, and has shot up in the overall ratings since adopting their current format. WXXM (92.1 FM) in Madison is a format success story, as is KUDO in Anchorage, AK. Her flagship station, KTLK in Los Angeles, has been doing very well with her morning show.

* Liberal talk is doing reasonably well in the red states. WPEK, a longtime ratings loser, is ranked #9 in the market currently. KTRC in Santa Fe, NM is also showing up in the ratings after years of anonymity. KJFK in Reno, NV more than tripled its audience between Fall 2004 and Spring 2006, with its share going from 0.7 to 2.3.

* "Red cities" are doing well too. This includes WROC in Rochester, KFPT in Fresno, and KLSD in San Diego (which MLM didn't mention).

* Left-leaning markets are tuning in as well. Portland, OR's KPOJ is in the top 10 in local ratings. Tiny WLBY in Ann Arbor, MI is finally showing up in the ratings after years of obscurity. I already mentioned WXXM in Madison. KOPT is getting very good ratings after picking up the format.

Very good reading there. Check it out.


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