Friday, August 18, 2006

Schedule shakeup at Air America

On her early morning show on Air America Radio, Rachel Maddow announced that she will be moving to a new 6PM - 8PM time slot soon.

Mark Riley reportedly will no longer be with the network, as he will remain with WLIB in New York once AAR leaves the station for WWRL on September 1.

The effect of this will be a shortening of Randi Rhodes' show from four to three hours (this has been rumored). No word on Sam Seder, who's show currently runs from 7PM-10PM weeknights. His show could possibly be scaled back an hour to 8PM-10PM. This scenario would be much easier for their affiliates to handle.

That would leave morning drive open. Currently, AAR runs live from 5AM-9AM ET. If AAR continues to offer a morning show, it could scale back to 6-9 (as they originally did). No word yet on how they will fill the time slot.

Democratic Underground currently has a thread related to this.



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