Tuesday, May 31, 2005

'Radio Free Ohio' invades Akron-Cleveland

As reported this weekend, WTOU in Akron, OH became WARF just after noon today. It looks like there won't be any Air America programming here as expected, since crosstown daytimer WJMP already carries it.

Clear Channel's Akron cluster has for the last week been under siege -- supposedly by local pirates. Rumors then arose that one of the company's stations would flip to Adult Hits as "Jack." All becomes clear this morning, however, as WTOU-AM (Fox Sports 1350)/Akron moves to Progressive Talk as "Radio Free Ohio," featuring syndicated hosts Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller, Tom Hartman and Lionel, plus some local content.

WTOU enjoys a 5kw signal that allows it to cover not only Akron but also neighboring Cleveland, to the north.

Interesting to note that the morning slot will be helmed by Bill Press, formerly on MSNBC. No word on any syndication deal yet, or if this will be permanent, but stay tuned.

FYI: I've been getting quite a few emails from some angry Fox Sports listeners, who seem to blame me for the loss of their station. While I agree that the Cleveland area deserves a decent sports station (I grew up there), spamming my board and mailbox will not help the cause. I have no say in programming decisions there. If you want to complain, contact the station directly. Or support your favorite stations more next time, since for as long as I can remember, WTOU hasn't done very well in the Akron ratings. It doesn't even show up in the Cleveland ratings. For now, try WKNR (850) for your sports fix. But spamming me is just a waste of your time.


Anonymous said...

bring back sports talk radio 1350 akron, ohio!!!

ltr said...

You should have gotten more of your friends to listen. WTOU didn't even register in the ratings. I do agree that the Cleveland area deserves a decent sports station.

Anonymous said...

Ohio needs a liberal talk radio station like I need more taxes. I hear the liberal point of you in the Akron Beacon Journal exclusively. That newspropaganda machine has yet to be a 'real' newspaper. All they are is a tabloid paper for the unions and DNC that controls this pathetic city of Akron.

Outside of the Akron Beacon you have the station on the FM dial which is, for the most part, already lib radio. And don't forget the trash crap on 1100am.

Anonymous said...

If you want to fet FSR back your best bet is to look up 640WHLO's phone # (i dont have it on me) and tell the PD for both stations, Jerry Mullins that you want to hear some decent sports again. If youre in the canton area, try getting WTIG in Massilon to switch. I think that 1350 is just terrible now and the only show that i like in the area is now the Rollye James Show. I've tried to call and get other shows like Free Talk Live on but to no avail... Feel free to help out and go to freetalklive.com and visit their BBS. I'm eclecticbuddha.

Anonymous said...

Thank god for bringing progressive talk to Akron. We needed it. This area has been swamped by the right wing hate mongering for years and needed a progressive voice.

Anonymous said...

WTOU 1350 talk lineup is great. We listen to it all the time in Cleveland!

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