Thursday, May 19, 2005

AAR loses Warren/Youngstown affiliate in management power struggle

Thanks to RadioInfo poster MPW for the heads up. There's also a thread with more information at Democratic Underground. Here's the story:

Mike Arch is the former manager of the station, and with some help from possibly naive supporters, has wrestled control of WANR (1570AM) from Beacon Broadcasting. As a result, Town Talk Productions, who had a Local Marketing Agreement (LMA) with them was kicked to the curb as of yesterday, along with the liberal talk programming. Air America is gone from the Youngstown/Warren airwaves as a result of this ongoing power struggle.

In it's place is Christian-based fundamentalist programming, likely to Mr. Arch's liking.

AAR has a contract with Town Talk, as managers of the station, that runs through April 2006. They are looking at legal remedies. Likely, all roads will come to Mr. Arch, who cancelled the LMA contract.

Stay tuned for more of this ongoing drama. You can also read more on the "Talk Of The Town" message board:



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