Tuesday, May 03, 2005

AAR returning to Chicago

Air America, the left-wing talk-radio network that disappeared from local airwaves due to a financial dispute shortly after it debuted a year ago April, appears certain to return to a new home at 850 on the AM dial.

The formal announcement will come "within the next 24 to 48 hours," said Fred Eychaner on Monday morning. He's the owner of Newsweb Corp., which operates nine area radio stations, including the future WCPT (for "Chicago's Progressive Talk").



Anonymous said...

On the eve of this Memorial Day holiday weekend it saddens me deeply to turn on my favorite radio station and here the trash of Jerry Springer, the Un-American rantings of Al Franken, and Jeneane Garafalo.
Air America tried paying another struggling radio station here in Chicago to broadcast their Un-American Agenda but it failed. Please, Please, please let us know when you will drop this out-dated experiment and return to good old Chicago midwest Radio! All in our office are so disappointed...but we'll watch for your return to patriotism and reality! Please let's not send these negative messages to our troops...they are giving their lives for the future of freedom! God Bless America...and long live Chicago radio!
Best Regards,

ltr said...

Uhhh... what was WCPT's previous format? Was anybody listening?

And I certainly invite you to read the constitution and define for me what is "American" and what is "Un-American". And what is "patriotism". Is it the same patriotism you undoubtedly displayed during the Clinton era?

Some people play too fast and loose with these comments. And it's pretty pathetic.

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