Sunday, May 29, 2005

Memorial Day mailbag

I've been getting quite a few emails from all of you, and I must say, 'thanks'. I'm sorry that I haven't had time to reply, but work keeps me pretty busy (gotta work extra to get through this weak Bush economy). For a holiday treat (and since news is pretty slow), I'll publish a few of them here:

From: xxxxxxx
Subject: Great web site!
Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 01:51:17 -0500

Yeah...I just want to tell you great web site! I am a truthseeker one of Mike Malloy's long time listeners and your web site is a very good resources for those of us here in the midest who have no progressive talk radio to find it...Thanks!!

Just need to know how long until Air America radio finds, it's way onto an high output radio station? Like a 80, 000 watt am radio station????

Also last night, one of the founders of Air America radio called Mike Malloy from Chicago and complemented him for his talk show and my question is with so many wealthy and people in general who listens to progressive talk radio..

Why hasn't there been a think tank or organization that would collect many from everyone who supports progressive talk radio and have a few high power am radio station scattered around the country so in states were there is no Air America Radio then would have access to it? or maybe a short wave radio station?

The internet is a great tool but the problem is a large majority of people who call themselves liberal will never have a own a computer or a satellite radio and many live where there never will be a progressive radio station and those people are the one we need to win elections for progressive democrats....

That's the question...How can we find away to reach them....?

Maybe short wave is the best option?

Once again, great web site and thanks for creating it!


Sioux City, Iowa.

Matthew, thanks for the letter. There's no chance of liberal talk coming to any 80Kw station, but that's only because they don't exist. US stations max out at 50Kw. But that's just me being nitpicky. There are several 50Kw stations (known in the industry as 'clear channel' frequencies - not to be confused with the monster communications conglomerate) that air a liberal talk format, and even a few other stations with far-reaching capabilities.

As for shortwave, I really don't know many people who listen nowadays in the continental U.S. Not many radios on the market that will do that (though I own two - an antique 1958 Minerva desktop radio that's mostly for show, though it still sounds and looks great, and an old crappy boombox with SW that's followed me through college and my twenties and thirties looks and sounds like it. It's in rough shape.) I'm sure webcasting has more listeners in the U.S. than shortwave nowadays.

As for the format spreading, give it time. If successful enough, it may even spread to better signals. That's what happened with conservative talk.

Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 18:55:30 -0500
From: "Drew"
To: x_fightingirish_x@(nospam)
Subject: Trying to post comments

I tried to post a comment on your piece about NPR being "liberal radio." I received an error message that I had to be a team member in order to post. So you can post this if you want to.



Thank you for your defense of NPR. It is an oasis of information for people who like to use their own minds.

A thoroughly brainwashed relative of mine challenged me, "Why don't liberals have a Rush Limbaugh?"

Because liberals do not generally run around in cults, engage in juvenile name calling, and value not only their individuality, but their ability to process information and think for themselves.

It is only natural to grow bored of mainstream music channels. Let's hope more people surf the dials and find NPR affiliates instead of cheesy so-called conservative talk radio.

America doesn't need any more brainwashed morons and mimicking ditto heads. We have a lot more serious reality-based problems to deal rather than: homophobia, censorship, religious cults, and undermining intelligent people.

Drew, thanks for the email. I had to disable anonymous posting here a while back when this blog got overrun by trolls. I recently returned this feature, though I do reserve the right to delete any post that doesn't work with the flow of this site or is nasty, vulgar or juvenile.

Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 09:56:21 -0400
From: "Mark"

You don't allow conservatives to post on ltr blogspot? Curious, conservatives as self-proclaimed, or judged by you? Conservatives allow liberals on their talk radio, why do you think the opposite does not occur?

Uhhh… when did I ever say that conservatives can’t post here? I disabled posting for everyone a while back when trolls started leaving nasty messages. I have since returned that feature, but only for people who play nice. Besides, it’s my blog, and whatever posts are here and work effectively with the flow of the board will stay, and it is up to my discretion. This isn’t a debate site. I was utilizing a message board in conjunction with this site, but you would have felt alone anyways - nobody was posting on it. I have removed the message board link and may take it down or retool it. But comments are welcome on any entries, provided they have something to do with the topic.

I can see this is not a forum for open exchange of ideas in response to statements on liberal talk radio. Perhaps you can direct me to such, because I would like to critique what I hear. I listen to both sides, intently, and therefore think I possess an idea or two to worth consideration.

That’s not what this site is about. If you want to comment on what you hear on the radio, there are quite a few sites for that. Start with a few on the right-hand column. I don't cover what's being discussed on-air, since there are many sites that already do that, and do it well. I take a different approach, and I reserve the right to make sure this place stays on topic.

Just one for the mills: Stem Cell research. I hear liberal pundits trashing the moral values of red-staters for their narrow views relating to embryo rights, also claiming Bush is a Corporatist (whatever that is). If Bush were a Corporatist, would he not want money to go to Stem Cell research, to enrich the 'corporations' performing the research?

Huh? What does this site have to do with stem cell research? This is about radio.

As a matter of fact, there are many 'corporations' performing Human Embryo Stem Cell research on lines outside of Bush's limitations, freely, and funded quite well by, guess who, private investors.


Bush respects the moral values of those who would prefer their tax money not be used to destroy embryos. Bush also allows private investment of those who prefer to do such. Which is what a President of all the people should do.

Here's a fun activity: Read the Ten Commandments, and check off all the ones that Dubya has broken. Yeah, he's a real moral guy. Sheesh!

I hear literally hours of Bush bashing on liberal talk radio about the 'ban' on Stem Cell research. If the left truly wanted more funding to go there, all they have to do is ask their listeners to donate money to those charities which are funding such. This way, thier money goe directly to the cause, and not through the wasteful 'auspices' of a goverment bureaucracy.

If you “hear literally hours of Bush bashing on liberal talk radio” and don’t like it, then why do you listen? I’m sure Rush and Sean are playing in your market.

Before you go believing other liberals as to who's investing, perhaps you should read this from ABC news:

Geron, based in California, already has 20 patents, and that's before California made its overtaxed residents fork over money to the cause. Does Geron need more money? Corporatist! If I invest in a mutual fund, am I a corporatist?

And why should I, publisher of a radio blog, really care?

Guess this is not a scoop. Thrill me with a response. Tell me where there's a FREE exchange of ideas, left and right?

Thank you for your time.
Mark in Philly

Well, as I said, this is not a debate site. There are many out there, and seeing that you’re pretty well informed, I’m sure you should have no problem finding one. Must I do all the work? Tell ya what, I'll get you started. Nonetheless, congratulations! Your rant has been published. Sorry that I haven't had the chance to respond in a timely manner, but I work overtime to try to get ahead in this anemic Bush economy.

And while we're having fun with the dittoheads...

From: "Jeffrey"
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 12:24:02 -0400


But I like the picture! Besides, he does have a regular Saturday morning radio thing, where he addresses the nation. BTW: The "Caps lock" button is on the left side of your keyboard. It works for both undercase and uppercase. Try it.

Some people just have no sense of humor. Perhaps if conservatives were actually positive people, they would actually run an effective government. All it seems to be is hate and hostility, and that's not a way to get things done.

And finally, in the "what the hell is he talking about" section...

Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 19:08:28 -0800
From: "Gene"
To: x_fightingirish_x@(nospam)
Subject: Programming

Thanks, You have caused me to discove KAYO You new programming SUCKS.

(scratches head).

Well, that's the cream of the crop so far, but I'll dig through all the spam and find some more. Enjoy the holiday!


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