Friday, January 14, 2005

So... is 'Progressive Talk' finally coming to L.A.?

Okay, I know, I know. A few days ago, I wrote that I refused to print anything else about the Clear Channel L.A. situation until they actually got off the pot and did something. Looks like they will.

It's finally going to happen. Clear Channel is moving its XTRA/KXTA Superstation sports lineup to KLAC effective Feb.3. XTRA (690 AM) will inherit the big band music format currently on KLAC. It has yet to be announced what format will replace sports on KXTA (1150 AM), but the options being considered are Spanish-language talk and the fairly new Air America nationally syndicated talk package.

Clear Channel owns all three stations. The 690/1150 marriage always seemed like overkill, but ad sales techniques at radio stations are often built on the bounce, changing formats to spark new ways to sell ads.

There will be no change in talk show hosts with the switch, but UCLA games will also make the move to KLAC with the switch. Lakers radio broadcasts will stay on KLAC, and Clippers broadcasts on XTRA. Sources say Clear Channel execs hope the move will also position KLAC to make a grab for the rights to USC (KMPC 1540 AM) and Dodgers (KFWB 980 AM) broadcasts when their current contracts expire.


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