Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Ed Schultz has record-breaking 2004

(NOTE: This is from a press release by Democracy Radio, syndicators of the Ed Shultz Show.)

WASHINGTON, Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- In his first year of national syndication, progressive talk show host Ed Schultz has broken Rush Limbaugh's record of 56 affiliates, by broadcasting on 70 stations -- including the XM and Sirius satellite networks -- from sea to shining sea.

Based in Fargo, North Dakota, The Ed Schultz Show is now heard in major markets including Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Detroit, San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Miami, Denver, and many others. The program will go live on WWRC in Washington, D.C. later this month.

Launched on January 5, 2004 in Needles, California and Langdon, North Dakota, The Ed Schultz Show was a new progressive alternative to right-wing radio and brought fairness and balance to the nation's airwaves.

Schultz was anointed "the 800-pound gorilla of this (progressive talk) format" by Clear Channel Vice President Gabe Hobbs.

"We're excited about the growth of the show," said Schultz. "Even more importantly, we have changed attitudes about the viability of progressive talk as we have created a new category in the radio industry. The key now is for us to deliver ratings and continue to be a viable entity in the market."

Ed Schultz spent the last sixteen years on local radio in Fargo, where he generated blockbuster ratings and a 20-share for local affiliate, KFGO. Not only did Ed have the highest-rated show on the station, but he twice won the prestigious Eric Sevareid Award.

Ed's first book, "Straight Talk from the Heartland" was published by ReganBooks in 2004.

Democracy Radio is the fastest-growing and biggest progressive radio network in the country syndicating the two hottest talkers in radio -- Ed Schultz and Stephanie Miller.

The network's C.E.O., Tom Athans, said, "Ed is a rare talent who has tremendous appeal to all Americans. Americans grew tired of the same right- wing malcontents who used to dominate the radio dial. Ed's success demonstrates the public's thirst for good, tough, progressive programming."

"Jones Media also deserves credit for its aggressive affiliate relations in helping us reach this remarkable milestone," Athans continued.

The Ed Schultz show can be heard live from 3pm-6pm ET on Ed's website, at http://www.bigeddieradio.com/

Democracy Radio
CONTACT: Todd Webster, +1-202-547-7700, for Democracy Radio


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