Saturday, January 15, 2005

Clear Channel flips three stations to Progressive Talk

Clear Channel is going heavy on liberal talk next week as the company flips stations in three larger markets to the format. Washington, DC and Cincinnati have already been announced, and now WXDX-AM (1310) in Detroit will join them.

Ed Schultz will air on all three AM s from 3 p m -6 p.m., followed by Air America’s Randi Rhodes from 6 p.m.-10 p.m. in Detroit and Cincinnati and in an abbreviated, two-hour version in D.C. Jerry Springer will air 9 a.m.-noon in Cincinnati and Detroit.

WWRC's lineup will include Don Imus from 6 a.m.-9 a.m. (which is simulcast on crosstown CC sister WTNT). Jones Radio’s Stephanie Miller airs 9 a.m.-noon, the Al Franken Show is on noon-3 p.m., and then Ed Schultz’s three-hour show airs until 6pm. Schultz is also distributed by Jones. Two hours of Rhodes' four-hour show will air from 6 p.m.-8 p.m., to be followed by Air America’s Majority Report until 10 p.m. Then, WOR’s Lionel Show will air from 10 p.m.-to-1 a.m. Overnights, from 1 a.m.-6 a.m., is a blend of “best of” Air America programming,

There’s an interesting irony to the format flip in D.C., where Clear Channel also owns WTNT, at 570 on the dial with a lineup that includes Don Imus, Laura Ingraham, G. Gordon Liddy, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage. With the dawn of Air America and Schultz slated for Monday (Jan. 17), “Right Wing” radio will be found on the left-end of the AM dial (at 570) with “Left Wing” radio up towards the right-end of the dial.


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