Thursday, January 20, 2005

Okay, so now it looks like liberal talk is coming to Los Angeles

Now, if this is just a case of the boy crying 'wolf', well...

As first tipped by ALL ACCESS, liberal Talk is coming to LOS ANGELES as the last piece of the CLEAR CHANNEL AM format shuffle puzzle on FEBRUARY 3.

The 1150 AM frequency presently occupied by KXTA-A/LOS ANGELES, the northern half of the XTRA SPORTS 690 AND 1150 simulcast will pick up the standard CLEAR CHANNEL liberal talk lineup of AIR AMERICA RADIO and JONES/DEMOCRACY RADIO's ED SCHULTZ. LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS basketball will remain on the 1150 frequency.

And, as previously reported, the Sports format will join LAKERS basketball on KLAC-A's 570 AM frequency, while the Adult Standards format of KLAC will move to the 690 AM frequency (XETRA-A/ROSARITO-SAN DIEGO) at the same time.

UPDATE: According to Radio and Records, it looks like 1150 will pick up the call letters KTLK, and will be known as "K-Talk". The KTLK calls are currently on Clear Channel's liberal talker up the road in Santa Barbara. Look for the Santa Barbara station to pick up new call letters. This story is also being reported in today's LA Times (no link available).

(NOTE: Free subscription is required for the headline link)


Anonymous said...

Democracy Radio ( is talking about this too.

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