Wednesday, November 14, 2007

When artificial intelligence starts acting dumb

Some of you faithful readers may have noticed that this whole thing went haywire this morning. To be honest, I have absolutely no idea why.

In the past, I had problems with readability in Internet Explorer, and as a faithful Firefox user, neglected at times to check with Bill Gates' nightmare browser. Well, this problem affected Firefox users as well.

Ironically, I haven't heavily altered any code recently, so there is really no explanation why this all happened. I did, however, narrow down the problem, and will try and correct it.

In the meantime, I'm taking this opportunity to trim some fat on this blog. The syndicated news boxes are being removed for now, and I'm also going to trim a few links as well. This thing has turned into a fat pig.

So, things should be back to normal now (fingers crossed). Sorry for the inconvenience.


~Radine!~ for UnreportedNews.Net said...

Just to let you know... it wasn't just this morning--started when you deleted the Flash Player I think.
I've had no trouble with the flash player myself and wanted to thank you for the tip.

~~ Radine! ~~

~Radine!~ for UnreportedNews.Net said...

Just two more things since my last comment on the previous thread wasn't "approved".
Just a reminder that weekend programming on NovaM/KPHX did NOT change time and so for example the UnreportedNews.Net show is at 10/E 7/P --still 8a AZ local time.

AND, there's been a shuffle on HORN programming too.
*** Get on the HORN
Weekdays 11-12 AM E/8-9 PM P
“The Cup o’ Joe Radio Show” The workin man’s thinkin man

Monday-Thursday Midnight-1am E/ 9-10pm P
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ltr said...

It wasn't the flash player. That was confined to a post and not the template. I removed it because it was autostarting for Internet Explorer users. Evidently, you are using Firefox, which doesn't have this problem.

Microsoft seems to live in their own world where IE is perfect and the others are merely living up to ridiculous standards. Last week, Leo Laporte said on his radio show that Microsoft is even creating their own certification process in response to others that have slammed them for very sloppy quality and site rendering. They obviously feel they don't have to live up to the quality of Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. I don't seem to have the problems with them that I have with IE.

I found the problem and it was a list of links (the radio personalities one). Seems to have changed itself (or Blogger decided to do a little of its own editing). I removed the offending section and may add it back in the future, put it on another site or just chuck it. I did take the opportunity to remove some excess crap like the java news feeds from Buzzflash, HuffPo, Media Matters, etc. They were just slowing things down too much and making this blog a bit heavy. I'd like to do a little housecleaning and strip it down some more. I'm currently working on an alternate solution.

As for your posts, I saw one of yours that looked like it was a duplicate. I put comments on moderated to weed out trolls, so a single posting is all that is needed. If Blogger is doing its job, I should get them in my email box (though I have heard of a few comments that did not go through at all).

hashfanatic said...

The Radio Tranquilizer is reporting that AAR 2.0 has sacked Bernstein, probably the first sane move they've made.

Lu Cifer said...

I really wish Mozilla would make an OS. Then I could NUKE this freakin' damn WinBLOWS Vista--by FAR the WORST computer program EVER.

And WTF is up with Sirius dropping Stephanie Miller?! That really has me FUMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ltr said...

Mozilla doesn't make an OS. Heck, they didn't even make their original browser, as it grew out of the old Netscape and took on a life of its own. I remember liking Netscape a lot back in the mid-90s. Then again, the browser I used before that was Mosaic (shudder). For an open sourced OS, there's always Linux and the various offshoots, but it's a bit intimidating to use for the average person.

Another browser I think is cool is Flock, which is geared toward the blogging/social networking crowd. I installed it last week as an alternate browser (I currently have five on my system) and actually like it a lot. It's built on Firefox, and even some of the extensions supposedly work with it.

As for the Bernstein thing, Jay Marvin mentioned it yesterday morning. But given that my whole blog decided to literally take a sharp lean to the left (pun intended) and the lack of any verification, I kept it on ice pending further info. Right now, signs are indeed pointing to Bernstein's dismissal. See today's entry on it.

ltr said...

Lu, I also noticed you mentioned something about Stephanie Miller being dropped from Sirius. I have no idea why, but it looks like they put in their own guy (Mark Thompson). To give him a full four hours (!!!), they also lopped an hour off Ed Schultz' show. I noticed Baroosk has more about it on his blog.

Very strange move. If Sirius was smart, they would put on a second liberal talk channel (which they could make work even without AAR). Not sure why they carry stuff like Lynn Samuels, though I've always been an Alex Bennett fan, and he has built a loyal following at Sirius.

But with the pending Sirius/XM merger picking up steam, there will likely be more programming moves in the future.

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