Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Station breaks

It's Wednesday afternoon, and I've got a few small updates. I may even add more throughout the day.

First up, I know I promised something about KLSD in San Diego, and their oft-threatened flip to sports. That's on the way, but I'm still seeking out information and working out a few things. I should have it soon.

Second, I've gotten a few emails from Washington, DC-area listeners, wondering why they were hearing Lionel this morning on WWRC (1260AM), rather than Stephanie Miller. As you read here a short while back, new talk station 3WT (1500AM, 107.7FM and 820AM, wherever you happen to be) has picked up her show, starting tonight at 7P. The good news is that each of the three signals that carry the "Left, Right and Whatever We Want" format is pretty strong (as opposed to the weak one of WWRC). The bad news is that Miller will be aired on a delay, from 7-9P weeknights. And Miller will only air when the Washington Capitals NHL team aren't playing at the time. Yes, her show will occasionally be preempted.

Meanwhile, over at WWRC, Lionel fills the late morning slot, and according to the schedule on the station's website, you'll be hearing quite a bit of him. His show also reruns from 7-10P and 3-6A (though I can't imagine this being permanent). So if you like Lionel and just can't get enough of him (and I know how much you all love the guy!), tune to WWRC. Chances are, you'll catch his show.

On the other side of the map, KKEE (1230AM) in Astoria, OR, one of the new Air America Radio affiliates announced a few weeks back, flipped to the format on Monday. And believe it or not, it's full-time progressive talker (almost). The new format displaces sports talk, and shows on the schedule include Miller, Ed Schultz, Randi Rhodes and Alan Colmes airing live, with Oregonian Thom Hartmann airing on delay in afternoon drive. The obviously non-political Dr. Dean Edell serves as 6-7P filler.

Meanwhile, at those other new Air America affiliates, WTAN (1340AM) and WDCF (1350AM) have already added Lionel, and should be adding Rhodes sometime soon. The rest of the roster is a hodgepodge of 'Music of Your Life,' brokered programming and whatever else they air. Also, KXLJ (1330AM) in Juneau, AK should be signing on in the near future.

As for the other three stations announced, nothing is known as of yet about WBDB in Ogdensburg, NY and the two Poconos stations (WVPO and WPLY).

And good news for fans of the old "Will and Willie" show, formerly on KQKE (now KKGN) in San Francisco and starring Will Durst and Willie Brown, is relaunching. This time, it won't be on radio, but rather in cyberspace. The show, also featuring producer Paul "Lobster" Wells, is available as either an audio or video podcast, and can be found at their site. Speaking of Green 960, the local eco-show "Green Seed Radio," which formerly aired on the station, has relaunched on another local talk station, KTRB (860AM). The show will now air on Saturday from 10A-noon PT.


raccoonradio said...

By baseball season, Steph will get pre-empted just about every night
as WWWT is continuing to carry
the Washington Nationals.

JHThree said...

Just send WWWT an e-mail urging them to run Steph live.

Also dismayed to see on their Web site that Glenn Beck is "coming soon." In place of who, I wonder?

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