Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Air America: The future's online

Air America Radio president Mark Green finally spoke up about the departure of VP of programming David Bernstein, telling Radio & Records that the move is related to a new focus on building on the network’s internet presence. Green says Bernstein is returning to his extensive radio consulting business.

Green has nothing but praise for Bernstein, who left the network last week. “David’s a renowned and first-rate radio professional. He did great work with us to get us back on our feet.”

Bernstein's successor will be a “content director,” someone with the dual skills of distributing Air America programming both on-air and online. “We are at our core, a radio network, but we have to distribute our content and costs on radio as well as the growing numbers of audience and advertisers online,” said Green.


gregrocker said...

It means after sinking multi-mils of his brother's bils he is tired of getting nickle and dimed for pay-to-play on the coin-operated Clear Channel stations. Ed Schultz is still smarting in his L.A. sports pre-empt spot when his distrib hesitated and Green bought Randi into his slot there.

For the thousandth time, I will repeat: This is going on and AAR is going down in large part because the witless Dem Congress didn't keep their word to keep the pressure on ownership, in hearings and every other way, to bring balance back to the AM dial. Absent this sustained pressure, they rolled out Dennis Miller on 100 stations, Ed and Steph can't even get on a major stick, and the Greens are treated like unwelcome peddlers thoroughly slimed by even those whose political survival depends upon their success.

Jim said...

if the future's online, aar should improve its podcasting. shows are late (rachel maddow's friday show usually arrives, yawning and scratching, on saturday) and the filenames are inconsistent and often incorrect. has anyone ever surveyed premium members and other podcatchers? we're paying for this service.

ltr said...

The irony is that the San Francisco affiliate (KKGN) has Maddow's shows up very promptly, often within a couple hours. Same with Hartmann and Rhodes there and their sister stations in LA and Portland. And the files are in excellent quality and available in one piece or broken up by hour, depending on the station.

Say what you want about Clear Channel, but they rock at podcasting.

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