Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Yee-haw! Liberal talk comes to Texas

KCCT-AM in Corpus Christi, TX to change format to liberal talk.

One week from today, KCCT/1150-AM will become the first station in Texas to stream Air America, a New York satellite network that features left-of-center perspectives from personalities such as Al Franken, Mike Malloy, Steve Earle and Janeane Garofalo.

Air America, currently broadcast on 46 stations nationally, will replace 1150 AM's oldies format. Owned and managed by Manuel Davila, Air America Radio 1150 AM will continue to air Aviators games in the evenings.

Starting Feb. 12, 1150 AM will simulcast The Progressive Forum, John Kelley's morning talk show that airs on KBSO 94.7 FM. In about six months, director of sales and marketing Zee Zepeda plans to preempt Air America for local morning and afternoon shows. Kelley will helm the morning program; the afternoon host has not been chosen.


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