Friday, February 25, 2005

Will liberal talk return to Chicago?

Liberals rejoice: Chicago finally could be getting a "progressive talk" radio station showcasing such prominent voices as Jerry Springer, Al Franken and Ed Schultz.

Nothing is official yet, but the bosses of an AM station in the market are shooting to launch the format by March 31 -- the one-year anniversary of Air America Radio's aborted attempt to bring its left-wing syndicated lineup to Chicago listeners.

In its new incarnation, Air America's Franken and Randi Rhodes would be part of a programming mix of liberal talk shows that also would include Springer, whose Chicago-based radio show is syndicated by Clear Channel Radio, and Schultz, whose "Democracy Radio" show is distributed by Jones Radio Networks.

Air America lasted two weeks on WNTD-AM (950) before it was yanked in a nasty payment dispute with station owners.

Clear Channel owns WRLL (1690), which has long been rumored as a possible candidate. Stay tuned.


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