Monday, February 28, 2005

Liberal talk comes to Reno, NV

The frequency now allotted to Americom Broadcasting’s sports-heavy KPLY-AM will become KJFK-AM, a progressive-talk station, said Daniel Cook, general manager of Americom’s Reno Radio Representatives.

In exchange for (Jim) Rome, Reno audiences will get political satirist Franken and other moderate-to-liberal hosts, including Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes, Lionel, and Ed Schultz, whose show has already begun airing on the station.

“What makes it special is that it’s completely unique, and it is a format that’s emerging across the country,” Cook said. “Some people are more moderate than other people. … It’s just going to be a fresh new approach, some new ideas.”

Cook acknowledged that Reno is a primarily conservative market but said the format doesn’t rely on a liberal populace.



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