Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday newsday

A few little things to swirl around in your craniums...

Peter B. in at KPTK

KPTK Seattle sorts out it's afternoon vacancy following Randi Rhodes' temporary(?) descent into limbo. They had been airing Rhodes' Nova M/OST replacement Nancy Skinner, but with that network being an even bigger question mark at this point, the station has opted for a more established and stable syndicated host, Peter B. Collins. The show will run on delay from 6-9P PT.

Another west coast station, KKGN (Green 960) in San Francisco, started running Collins' show last week, but no word on whether this will be permanent.

MSNBC grooming Schultz?

As radio host Ed Schultz is guesting MSNBC's 6P show "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue" today, The New York Observer and Politico are both wondering if this is really just an audition for a potential new 10P post-Rachel Maddow show on the network.

But perhaps it's too early to read anything into that. It's just a fill-in gig, as regular host David Schuster will be filling in for Keith Olbermann on" Countdown". Official word at MSNBC says it's just that. Period.

A few months ago, MSNBC president Phil Griffin got the rumor train rolling when he told the NY Times that he was considering a 10P show to run instead of the "Countdown" rerun. Since then, there has been some grassroots lobbying by certain people who really want the gig, including a proposed joint effort by Cenk Uygur, of "The Young Turks." and Air America's Sam Seder.

Another one bites the dust

Things are pretty tough these days if you happen to be a radio talk show host. Even tougher if you happen to be a radio talk show host for CBS.

CBS blew out their whole talk roster at KLSX (97.1FM) in Los Angeles last month, when they flipped to CHR, and killed two syndicated shows from Tom Leykis and Adam Carolla altogether. Add Opie and Anthony to that list, as the duo, who have been losing many stations over the past year or so, have lost their New York flagship, WXRK, which is also flipping to CHR.

With the flip of the former K-Rock, th-th-that's pretty much all for CBS' syndication of the show. But Opie and Anthony will continue via their Sirius XM satellite gig. The loss of the show signals that CBS and Westwood One have virtually cut ties with the Howard Stern shock-jock era as a whole, though they still have one 'hot talker' in Washington DC (WJFK), and still syndicate that station's Mike O'Meara (one half of the former "Don and Mike" show. Other than that, there's not much left.

CORRECTION: Opie And Anthony still have one sole terrestrial outlet left. It's WROX in Norfolk, VA, though the station delays the show and airs it the evening hours.

Another day, another Maddow article

For those of you who haven't read enough mainstream media articles about Rachel Maddow, here's another one, from entertainment industry trade magazine Variety.

Spring Cleaning

As mentioned last week, I'm still slowly sorting through all the links and listings in the center column. That means shows, stations and whatnot.

With that, some stations have been removed from the listings, including KGIL in L.A. (which is all-wingnuts, all the time after dropping Ed Schultz) and WWRC in D.C. (which flipped to money talk -- I thought I had already removed that one).

And one station has been updated. KPTR in Palm Springs, CA has a website now, in addition to an audio stream. I'm sorting out new web addresses, listening links, etc. With some of these, it's often difficult to figure out what's going on (like in Jacksonville, for example, where the format seems to move to a different frequency every month or so).

I know that some of the show listings are a bit out-of-date. For example, I removed all the old Nova M shows a few weeks back as it appeared that hardly any of them were even on the air anymore, or had changed timeslots. Now that they're pretty much D.O.A., the point is obviously moot.

Know of any corrections? Let me know. Thanks.


Brady Bonk said...

Randi Rhodes is broadcasting into a hair brush from her living room...sigh...

will_in_chicago said...

Jeff Farias is streaming at http://www.thejefffariasshow.com from 6 PM to 9 PM Eastern. Herb Phelps, former host of the Unreported News Radio Show, is now the host of Coffee With Sarge, which airs Sundays 12 PM to 3 PM Eastern at http://www.thejefffariasshow.com and is carried live on WQRZ-LP 103.5 FM in Hancock County, Mississippi, which you can stream at http://www.wqrz.org/mambo.

Action Point with Cynthia Black now streams at http://inyourfaceradio.net/ from 5 PM to 7 PM Eastern.

tmode93 said...

CBS still has guy talker WJFK in Washington DC, for how long who knows ...

Sandi said...

Today--Wednesday--Nancy Skinner says she might be off XM/Sirius by Monday.

ctk said...

read on the radio-info boards that montel williams has a deal with air america and will be doing a radio show from 9a-12p.

so the question is will they syndicate montel like aa did with springer or will they bump li-o-nel to hartmann's old spot, or will they bump li-o-nel off the air?

from a business standpoint, i would move li-o-nel to 12-3. you still have him under contract and you have lost those markets who are still carrying thom hartmann live and more than likely will not get them back. so it's a competition of li-o-nel with ed shultz for live listenership. the business standpoint looks like a lose-lose to me.

from a personal standpoint, i would like for them to buy out li-o-nel's contract. didn't like him when he did nights, liked him less when he did mornings.

the only thing i question is the time when montel is going to be on. i sincerely do not believe that in a competition between stephanie miller and montel williams that montel will win. ever. it's no knock on montel, but its indicative of the strength of stephanie in the morning. they would have been much better off with montel in 12-3. that would be a name and a timeslot to grab the attention of people.

Aaron said...

If the Montel Williams thing is true, I wonder what will become of Lionel. He is one of my favorite progressive hosts. If Air America keeps him, I hope they move him to a slot that isn't as one-sided as his current one, but 12-3 is too crowded. I think Bill Press has had a monopoly in morning drive for too long, mostly because I think he's boring. Lionel might do well in morning drive, especially in his home state of Florida (if WINZ sticks around). Or maybe AAR wants something live during the overnights. Move Jon Eliot to 2a-5a and have Lionel move back to the slot he had when he was on WOR, which in my opinion was when he was at his best.

Lu Cifer, http://Lu666Cifer.blogspot.com said...

I can't believe Peter B. his hanging it up, for whatever reason. Malloy is spot on: GODDAMN the rich liberals who don't spend a single freakin penny on progressive radio. Thanks for nothing, twits, cowards, dirtbags.

Lu Cifer, http://Lu666Cifer.blogspot.com said...


From Michiguide:

WLBY Ann Arbor making lineup changes effective Mar. 16; Lucy Ann Lance returning

On Monday, March 16th, AM 1290 WLBY will become Ann Arbor's Business Talk Radio. Cumulus management says the new format will serve the growing need for intelligent financial and business information in Washtenaw County.

"Talk radio doesn't have to be LEFT or RIGHT...but good for all. Dave Ramsey, Clark Howard and Lucy Ann Lance will provide that platform for Ann Arbor everyday on 1290 AM", commented Scott Meier, General Manager for Ann Arbor Radio.

With the addition of The Lucy Ann Lance Program M-F from 9am to 12pm (effective Monday, March 23rd), Business Talk 1290 WLBY will serve as a media platform for local business owners and organizations. Business Talk 1290 WLBY will provide relevant information for people who want to learn more about the global economic climate.

"Ann Arbor deserves a local Business Station... to help local business men and women tell their stories! We plan on providing a media platform for the good news of our community, from SPARK, the DDA, the local CVB's Chambers and startup companies", continued Meier.

The new Business Talk 1290 WLBY weekday lineup will feature Doug Stephan's Good Day from 4am to 9am, Lucy Ann Lance from 9am to 12pm (effective Monday, March 23rd), The Dave Ramsey Show from 2pm to 5pm and Clark Howard from 5pm to 8pm.

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