Friday, March 20, 2009

Notta lotta Limbaugh love

With the conservative movement currently in a state of disarray and seemingly leaderless, it seems that quite a few people are attempting to fill the void.

Most prominent of these is radio conservojock Rush Limbaugh. While many rank-and-file conservative Repbublicans deny that Limbaugh is the figurehead of the party, and act offended at suggestions from the left that this is the case (remember when they tried to claim people like Jesse Jackson and Michael Moore spoke for all Democrats?), the radio host has maintained a rather high profile as of late, going so far as to challenge President Obama to a debate on his show (which Obama rightfully ignored, probably after laughing his ass off). Like it or not, with no stronger direction currently existing for the GOP, they have become, in essence, the Party of Limbaugh.

And judging from the results of a recent CBS News poll, the GOP better get their act together. And fast. It seems that Limbaugh is not as popular as the extreme right wingers think. According to the poll, Limbaugh’s favorable rating stands at just 19 percent of Americans. The number, however, increases drastically when taking into account conservatives, crabby old white men, Florida drug dealers, Brian Maloney and Limbaugh himself.

Obama's approval rating? Try three times that - 62 percent.

From CBS News:

Limbaugh’s unfavorable rating, meanwhile, stands at 40 percent, while 41 percent say they don’t know or don’t have an opinion. Not surprisingly, the conservative commentator, who has said he hopes that the president’s economic policies fail, is far more popular with Republicans – 47 percent view him favorably – than with Democrats, just seven percent of whom view him favorably.

The poll also found that Republicans are relatively pessimistic about the future of their party. Just 40 percent believe the party is going in the right direction, while nearly as many – 36 percent – say it is going in the wrong direction. Among all Americans, just 27 percent say the party is going in the right direction and 48 percent say it is going in the wrong direction.

Perhaps the tide is indeed turning, and people are tiring of right-wing carnival barkers and their continuous attempts to divide and conquer America. People are sick of the bitching and kiddie games and want results, not rhetoric.


Braised Cod said...

If that were true, why is Glenn Beck channeling Howard Beale?

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