Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"Screwed" scores a prize

Congratulations to Thom Hartmann, who's book "Screwed: The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class" was named the silver award winner in the Current Events category at the 2007 Independent Publisher Book Awards. According to Independent Publisher, the "IPPY" Awards reward those who exhibit the courage, innovation, and creativity to bring about change in the world of publishing.

In All Access, Hartmann said that he sees his independent publishing activities as part of a larger move towards using new media to reach readers, listeners, and viewers. "We are exploring the growing number of options that allow information and entertainment to be used by people," said Hartmann. "By removing the 'docking' ropes of traditional media distribution, audiences -- readers and listeners alike -- can define the direction of what popular media can offer. This is already happening and the exciting part is that is a true companion service to traditional media, such as my Air America Radio program.

"It is important to 'extend the brand,' as package goods marketers say, and that means there is an as-yet untapped pool of opportunities for people with ideas."


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