Thursday, September 06, 2007

DeFede done at WINZ

Casually surfing past the website of WINZ (940AM) Miami yesterday, I noticed something missing. Namely, any mention whatsoever of morning host Jim DeFede.

Today, Bob Norman reported that DeFede has left WINZ after a year-long stint. No word on why exactly, but his contract expired, and rumors are circulating that he's going to another station.

Speaking with DeFede, Norman said he was mum on what happened, but he did at least hint at a continued future in radio.

"I had a great time at WINZ and I look forward to being on the air again at another station very soon," he said. "You can expect an announcement in the coming days."

In typical fashion, Clear Channel removed his name from the station's website, pulled down Defede's site (which it evidently hosted) and took his name off the schedule.

For the time being, show producer/news reader/sidekick Nicole Sandler is hosting the show. Nothing permanent has been announced as of yet.


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