Monday, September 03, 2007

Coming soon: The Top 10 Talkers of 2007

Labor Day is upon us, and the Summer of 2007 will soon be memory. Sure, the year isn't over yet. Heck, neither is Summer, officially. But as we move into the September of our year, it's time to prepare the year-end special on LTR.

Last year, you may remember a whole bunch of commemoration, including meaningful (and meaningless) lists, chief among them the "Top 10 Talkers of 2006." Well, guess what? I don't feel like compiling a list this year. To me, it would seem like I'm merely repeating myself. Instead, I'm going to leave it up to YOU, the readers of the blog.

Yes, you all get to choose the Top 10 Talkers of 2007!

Granted, I tried this last year, but the methodology (not to mention the late start time) seriously hindered it. This year, the voting starts now. On the right side of the page, you will see a snazzy poll, complete with the names of twenty radio shows and hosts. Vote for your favorite, and check in here on January 1, 2008 to see the final results.

So, you may ask, why only the twenty names listed? Well, that's what I was limited to, unfortunately. I tried to balance it, filling it with the names on last year's list, as well as some noteworthy people and even a few popular local hosts. To make it really interesting, and to get a general feel as to the tastes of the readers, I even threw a few curveballs that may strike some as weird, such as Alan Colmes. I did leave out some people who are no longer even doing radio, such as Al Franken and Marc Maron. And yes, I realize there are some names missing (Laura Flanders, for one), and if you would rather vote 'none of the above' or 'other,' just drop an email. I may change this poll from time to time, subtracting less popular names and adding more popular ones.

Incidentally, there is no ballot box stuffing allowed. I set the poll to reject multiple votes. If I suspect any shenanigans or 'freeping' of the poll, it closes automatically. Simple as that. I suspect that there will be no problems, though.

So, what are you waiting for? Vote now!


ltr said...

Sure, I put up this fancy poll, and is down. Well, it does happen on the tubes from time to time, so if the poll is not showing up on the right side of the page, stop back later.

ltr said...

Okay, I know the folks over at Mike Malloy's board are doing a little politicking. I kinda expected that. As Larry Craig would say, you're all dirty, nasty naughty boys!

But a word of warning: Don't make me alert the Ed Schultz board. :)

will in chicago said...

I let people know at the Unfiltered News Network and at Air America Place's Daily Blog. It might be a good idea to let the sites associated with the different hosts, and independent sites know about the poll.

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