Saturday, October 21, 2006

On-air shakeup at KCCT/Corpus Christi

From the Corpus Christi Caller-Times:

Longtime Hispanic activist and radio talk-show host Vicente Carranza has left KCCT 1150AM, an independently-owned affiliate of Air America Radio, after being informed he was moving from his 4-7PM weekday timeslot to a later one.

Carranza said Manuel 'Daddy D' Davila Jr., owner of KCCT, informed him about the on-air changes five minutes before the end of his Oct. 13 program, so he didn't have a chance to notify his audience about the change.

"That was a pretty bad decision without letting me know," said Carranza, who has been in radio 14 years. "It took me six months to build up my audience and in a minute's time, he took it away from me."

The owner had intended to move Carranza to the 7-10PM shift, in order to broaden the listenership, and claims to have informed him of pending changes.

Carranza says he has had two offers from other radio stations, including one in San Antonio.


Anonymous said...

PUDGE is fun, but Vicente added a certain "spirituality" to his show. he knows a good deal about metaphysics, and shared what he knew.

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