Monday, October 30, 2006

Hate-filled death threat letter sent to Stephanie Miller

"The Stephanie Miller Show" is one of the funniest, most informative and most entertaining shows in the progressive talk format, and Miller is a very easy-going, positive and inoffensive host. This longtime TV and radio personality, the daughter of Barry Goldwater's VP running mate William Miller, uses humor and wit as her radio weapon of choice. Unfortunately, a rather disturbed person in Centerville, Ohio isn't laughing after Miller's appearance on FOX News last week.

This viewer, who identified himself as "Sock" Sokolowski, who obviously has a rather strange view of the concept of "freedom," did not take kindly to Miller's appearance on "Hannity And Colmes" last week. Sokolowski sent a hate-filled letter complete with violent threats opposing Miller's first amendment rights. More or less, Sock would like to see Steph go the way of Alan Berg.

Stephanie talked about the letter on this morning's show and even gave this worthless scumbag a phone call, which can be heard at this mp3 link or this mp3 link.

The actual scan of the uncensored letter is posted at BradBlog, with a cleaned-up version available at Miller's site. Below, I have posted the entire, unedited text of it.

Saturday - 10/14/06

The Fox Channel
Hannity & Colmes - 9-10PM EST
Attn: Stephanie Miller
Fox Guest & Cindy Sheehan Supporter
Program of Friday, October 13, 2006
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036

Dear Stephanie:

As with Cindy Sheehan the best thing that could happen to you would be seeing some WONDERFUL activist sticking an AK-47 up your Glory Holes and sending you into eternity. But this is not a threat as I am a paci-fist preferring to confront dumb fucks like you two cunts with words rather than violence. But I would gather my 1st amendment rights permit me to HOPE (!) and PRAY (!) that someone decides you're better off as statistics. Honestly, should I hear of either you leaving this earth prematurely I would initiate a personal celebration that would make Animal House appear to be just another quiet Sunday in church.

However, again an exercise of my individual rights even a liberal Supreme Court can't take away. I will be mailing copies of your appearance on yesterday's Hannity & Colmes to some WONDERFUL people. Without including a cover letter and without a return address we will be mailing copies of your anti-American rhetoric together with any personal information we can cull off the Net to the following recipients. Receivers will be families and friends of others lost in Iraq but who believe their sons/daughters died nobly, others with a SPECIAL fervor and fire-in-their -belly for this country and who totally and completely despise reengades as yourself and, too, several others whose "credentials" I will keep to myself but assuredly shall we say devoted people to this country's future. As the phrase goes we must identify this nation's enemies and though we keep friends close, we MUST keep our enemies closer and you two vile bitches are just that, Benedict Arnolds to the country who gives you the freedom to embarass yourselves and make as ass of yourselves also, and simultaneously.

Therefore, I trust the both of you mother fuckers will continue to show yourselves on TV shows, expose to more and more people, as GUARANTEED your words will someday possibly accelerate your demise again not on my hand, but by somoeone who beleives in such finalizing action. So, PLEASE, don't stop, even expand your words of HATE for America and this Presidency because the more you talk the better chance my hopes and prayers are fulfilled. Would love to celebrate and would for days on end as I always would and will when still another America HATER meets his/her maker.

From the right 'Right,

"Sock" Sokolowski

As a recipient of hate mail and even death threats myself (I'm not making this up), I am appalled at these horribly misguided people who preach about "freedom" and "liberty" and what makes America great, yet turn into the exact opposite when people express views they don't like. They even hang around websites with names like "Free Republic" and "Liberty Post". Unfortunately, extremists like "Sock" don't really seem to understand the concept of these words. And that's sad.

I often ridicule they lies and hypocricy of conservative talk radio and the ridiculous transparent overall bias of FOX News. In fact, I revel in it. Mocking the ridiculous is an enjoyable right in this great nation of ours. But that's where it ends. Do I want to see it gone from our airwaves? Absolutely not, unless the market dictates it. With 300 million people in this country come 300 million different opinions. It sure would be a miserable, boring place if everyone thought the same. What makes this country so great is that we can all agree to disagree. And mailing veiled death threats and calling people 'traitors' and 'anti-America' is the antithesis of the American way of life. This type of behavior makes one no better than the Nazis, the Soviets, the Ku Klux Klan, the Taliban or even the terrorists. People like "Sock" need to look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves what it really means to be an American. I think tolerance is key.

To paraphrase our not-so-great leader, obviously this guy hates us for our freedom. And that hate will eat him alive.

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