Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Air America gets an affiliate in Sheridan, WY - sort of

According to a post on Radio Info, KYTI-FM (93.7) in Sheridan, WY will be airing Air America programming on one of their HD subchannels.

There's one hitch, though. This is an HD subchannel, meaning that in order to receive AAR programming, one must purchase a special receiver. There aren't that many HD receivers out there, and the ones that are on the market are still fairly expensive. Of course, as new technology establishes itself, prices do tend to come down. For those near Sheridan with an HD capable receiver, tune in to 93.7FM, subchannel 3 to hear Air America Radio.

For those outside Sheridan, WY, this HD experiment could lead to AAR programming surfacing on HD in other markets.


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