Saturday, December 03, 2005

KQKE/San Francisco to debut new morning show

Will, Willie and Lobster will host a new morning show starting Jan. 2 on KQKE-AM (960), home of the syndicated liberal "Air America" network.

This was printed as a rumor on the San Jose Mercury News' website but it has been confirmed by Bob Agnew, Clear Channel Radio San Francisco AM Program Director and West Coast Sports Brand Manager. The live and local program will feature former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, with political satirist and former mayoral candidate Will Durst, and the Bay Area’s longtime radio host Paul Wells aka :"The Lobster." It will run Monday through Friday 7 to 10AM, bumping the station's current morning drive offering, AAR's Jerry Springer.

This show, called “Keeping It Real with Will and Willie”, will begin its weekday airing on Monday, January 2, 2006 from an as yet unannounced San Francisco landmark location.

San Francisco's most well known, best dressed and most dynamic political figure is former Mayor Willie Brown. His teaming up with two San Francisco fixtures: political comic Will Durst and popular radio host and producer Paul Wells, creates a unique program about San Francisco and the surrounding communities from three people uniquely qualified to offer insight, perspective and understanding about how San Franciscans work, think, and react to the issues and events of the day. “Keeping It Real with Will and Willie” will address the environment, housing, transportation, homeless issues, issues of the San Francisco Gay community and more. It’s about San Francisco for people who live here, work here and invest their business and entertainment dollars here. The show will be under the direction of Paul Wells who will serve as both executive producer and on air "traffic cop."


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