Sunday, December 04, 2005

AAR to add Orlando affiliate, negotiating to enter Tampa Bay. Buffalo uncertain

Air America recently added Thom Hartmann's affiliates to their station roster, and now their top-of-page banner states that Orlando, FL will soon have it's own AAR affiliate in the new year.
WEUS 810AM (which is currently off the air with a pending sign-on date) will sign on with AAR in either January or February. WEUS is independently owned, as far as can be determined.

Previously, AAR showed Citadel-owned WHLD (1270AM) in Buffalo as a future affiliate, but that has been removed from the front page banner. According to a poster at Radio-Info, it was some sort of misunderstanding with the company that does marketing for AAR. As of now, there are supposedly no plans to put AAR programming on WHLD, though left-leaning shows such as Democracy Now are broadcast on the station via a brokerage agreement with Radio Free Buffalo.

In related news, Air America is currently negotiating with an unnamed station in the Tampa Bay area. No word on what station it is at this time. Tampa is currently the #19 market in the country.


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