Sunday, June 26, 2005

Looks like Akron will be down to one liberal talker

From All Access:

First, WJMP-A/KENT, OH picked up AIR AMERICA RADIO's lineup. Then, nearby WTOU-A dropped Sports (and FOX SPORTS RADIO) and flipped to liberal talk as WARF-A (RADIO FREE OHIO). Now, WJMP is dropping AIR AMERICA and flipping to -- yes -- Sports, using -- yes -- FOX SPORTS RADIO (and PREMIERE's JIM ROME), effective JULY 5, as FOX SPORTS RADIO 1520.



Mike M said...

So that's what happened!

I tried tuning into Air America today on 1520 AM and only heard sports. Then I scanned the airwaves and got Rush Limbaugh on THREE different stations and wondered how that could be.

I'm glad to hear WARF is picking up Air America. I'll tune in on the drive home.

Anonymous said...

That's too bad. WARF had much better programming than the Air America crap. Thom Hartman does better radio than Al Franken any day. They're losing a listener here.

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