Sunday, June 12, 2005

Ithaca, NY station to flip to progressive talk

Saga Communications has completed its acquisition of Eagle Broadcasting after receiving Federal Communications Commission approval for the transaction the two companies entered into last year.

The four former Eagle stations are WYXL-FM, WQNY-FM, WACU-AM, and WTKO-AM.

WTKO (1470 AM) will be undergoing a format change in the near future and changing its call letters to WNYY, says Susan Johnston, vice president of Saga’s Cayuga Group of stations. The new format will be “progressive talk,” she adds.

UPDATE: WNYY became an Air America format on Monday June 13th. Also, the Air America website lists several stations that will soon become affiliates, including WKZE in Poughkeepsie, NY and KKIT near Taos, New Mexico. But AAR also claims KKFN in Denver, CO as a second area affiliate, even though AAR is on a pretty strong signal there on KKZN. Obviously, this is an uncorrected error.


Anonymous said...

We want our oldies station back!!!
We can listen to talk radio anywhere else, but we can't get the oldies on any other stations. You've lost at least two listeners.

ltr said...

Even when a station is doing poorly in the ratings and in revenue grosses, there are always a few people who miss it when it's gone.

There are a few oldies stations in the Ithaca area, though reception is a bit fuzzy. Check them out:

WABH-AM 1380 (soon to get a daytime power upgrade)

WEHH-AM 1600

There's also a few classic rock stations on FM, if that's your thing.

XM has a great 60's station, complete with old radio jingles and everything.

Otherwise, I just report. I don't make the decisions.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE having air america on our local traveled like wildfire amoung my friends...we are all thrilled...but what happened to The Mike Malloy Show....he is my FAVORITE...?

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