Monday, April 11, 2005

XM to be 'official satellite provider' for Air America Radio

Washington D.C., April 11, 2005 -- XM Satellite Radio (NASDAQ: XMSR), the nation's leading satellite radio provider with more than 3.77 million subscribers, has announced a new long-term agreement with Air America Radio, the national progressive entertainment talk radio network home to Al Franken, Randi Rhodes and Janeane Garofalo. As part of this agreement XM will be the official satellite radio network for Air America Radio.

Beginning in May, XM's liberal talk channel, America Left (XM Channel 167) will be renamed Air America Radio. The channel will include an expanded line-up of Air America Radio programming, including the recently debuted "Springer on the Radio" hosted by Jerry Springer and upcoming "Rachel Maddow Show," among others. XM's Air America Radio channel also will feature popular shows currently carried on America Left, including "The Ed Shultz Show" and "The Alan Colmes Show."

"XM was a natural fit to be the official satellite radio network of Air America Radio, given its large subscriber base, numerous distribution channels and demonstrated growth," said Danny Goldberg, CEO of Air America Radio. "The quality of XM's other partnerships, their Washington, D.C. location and proximity to the center of our nation's political workings, along with millions of subscribers, made our decision easy."

XM's Washington, D.C. headquarters will offer dedicated studio space for special live broadcasts throughout the year for Air America Radio programs featuring Rachel Maddow, Marc Marron, Mark Riley, Al Franken, Katherine Lanpher, Jerry Springer, Randi Rhodes, Sam Seder, Janeane Garofalo, Chuck D, Mike Malloy, Laura Flanders, Steve Earle, Robert Kennedy Jr., Mike Papantonio, Kyle Jason, Marty Kaplan, and Betsy Rosenberg.

"The surge in Air America Radio's listenership blends well with XM's strong subscriber growth and we look forward to growing with them in the coming years," said XM Satellite Radio President and CEO Hugh Panero. "Here at XM we pride ourselves on challenging our listeners, whatever their political ideology, and are pleased to offer a broad range of programming that reflects our nation's diverse social and political landscape."


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