Monday, April 04, 2005

Liberal talk comes to Youngstown/Warren, OH

Starting today, WANR (1570) in the Youngstown/Warren radio market, flipped to a mostly Air America-supplied format, with local shows also filling the schedule.

Here is how the new WANR shakes out:

6-9 "Morning Sedition" with Marc Marion and Mark Riley.
9-12 Jerry Springer "Springer on the radio"
12-3pm WANR's local daily show "The New Talk of the Town" with Don Hanni III.
3-6pm Randi Rhodes - "The Randi Rhodes Show"
6pm-8pm local programming TBA
Other hours will consist of Air America programming.

The signal is relatively weak, covering Warren well, but spotty in neighboring Youngstown. You can get an idea of the station's coverage here.


Anonymous said...

A former owner re-bought the station and they are now doing religious stuff.

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