Tuesday, March 15, 2005

San Antonio To Get Two Liberal Talkers

Taking Texas by storm...

In spite of its slogan, “where hip-hop lives,” Clear Channel R&B/hip-hop KHTY (Hot 92.5) San Antonio will flip to liberal talk on March 17 as KRPT. It joins a short list of liberal talkers on the FM dial.

Jerry Springer, Phil Hendrie, Lionel, Jesse Jackson and Ed Schultz will all have a presence on the new station, as will local talk vet Ron Aaron, according to WOAI.com.

The station’s lineup, interestingly, doesn’t appear to include any offerings from Air America, who CC has partnered with in its other liberal launches. That has lead to speculation that a second liberal talker is on the horizon for San Antonio.Air America is currently on in Corpus Christi and Austin, and will debut in Dallas on March 21.

The new KRPT site can be found here. The station has a rimshot signal, with a tower based near Pearsall, TX, southwest of San Antonio. The signal is relatively weak in San Antonio. It is rumored by several trade magazines that Air America may surface on KZDC 1250AM, whose daytime and nighttime signals are local, and therefore easier to receive in the San Antonio area.


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